Home And Garden Product Reviews

Reviews of home and garden products we use in and around the house

We all buy little products we use in the house and garden. Most of the time we do not pay too much attention to prices that range from a few dollar to about $75. But reading a review can safe money and time.

Home + Pets

home and garden products reviewsWe do review all kind of home and garden products and provide you with all the information about that product.
You can go straight to our menu and open that to find all the products in that category or click on the following links and go to there.



Kitchen Products

kitchen product reviews 
There are so many products we use in our kitchens and it seems like there are new ones brought on the market every day.
We try to give you a choice of at-least 3 to 5 products to choose from in our reviews and we will only look at products with high consumer ratings and that we would buy our-self. Click here to see all our kitchen product reviews or click on the picture.

Pet Products

pet product reviews
There are so many pet products to review that we could build a whole website just for that. We will review the best products we can find an advice on gifts for pets and where to get them at the best price.
We will look at products for cats and products for dogs all over the internet and in stores we visit to find useful and original products for you to use or to give as a present.
Click on the picture on just on the link here to see all pet product reviews we reviewed so far.

Garage Products and Tools

garage product reviews
We all need tools and products to fix thing in and around the house. We have a look at tools that are most used and look at the best selling and highest rated ones we could find. Using the right tool can make a job a lot easier.
Click on the picture or on the following link to see all our the garage products and tools reviews we reviewed for you.


Products For Kids

kids product reviewsWe all love kids and spend money on presents or other thing they need.
Sometimes it is just hard to find the right product.
We have reviews many products for children and are adding more on a regular basis.
We look at the top rated products to provide you with a choice to find the right one for your situation and budget.
You can find them all by clicking on the following link products for kids reviews or click on the picture


Garden Products

garden toolsThere are so many garden products to choose from and they all promise to be the best.
We have and will find the ones that are really the best and by that we mean the best rated by real users and not just by the manufacturer site.
The price should be related to the quality, ease of use and life span of the garden tool.
You can read them all by going to our page about garden products and you can do that by garden product reviews clicking on this link.


Why I started better priced online

I live in a small town and have to drive a few mile to get to a bigger store and get some better deals.
I started to see that the prices on the Internet, most of the time, are a lot lower then in a regular store.

  • Sales staff
  • Expensive light fixtures
  • Counter tops
  • Parking space


That are just a few of the things that reflects on the price of the product you are buying


An Internet store does not have these overhead expenses, and that is the main reason that their prices are lower.

online buyingInternet sales are getting higher and higher. More and more people realize that they can safe money on gas and safe a lot of time by buying online.




Why are more people buying online?

  • Prices are lower
  • Less money to spend on gas
  • More time for other things

Why would you drive, like in my situation, at least 50 mile, to buy something that you can buy cheaper online and it is delivered right to your door.

    On better priced online we:

  • Research Products

  • Compare product prices

  • Read customer reviews

  • Check customer service

  • Advice on products you are looking for


Here is a link to an article about internet sales.
==> Online shoppers spent more than $43.2 billion in the second quarter.<==
The team of better priced on line