Bench Vise Reviews

Best Bench Vise Reviews

What is a vise

A vise is very simply put a mechanical device that is used to hold the piece you are working in a stationary position so you have both your hands free to work on it.
Bench vises can be found in most metalworking and woodworking shops.

There are several things to know about bench vises who are also called vices sometimes and in our bench vise reviews we will try to give you all the details of every vise we write about.

A bench vise is a very practical peace of equipment for every person that does any DIY or professional work.
With so many sizes and options available it is not easy to find the right vise for your specific situation.
Maybe all you need is a 4 inch vise or in your situation a heavy duty professional bench vise.

Most people who do DIY projects only need a small bench vise or if you do also woodworking you might be able to use a woodworking vise for your projects.

As you can see this part of our site is still under construction and not 100% set up yet.
We are working hard on all the bench vise reviews we are planning to do and are now in the process of choosing the brands and models that are most usable for all of us professionals and DIY’ers.

We have started with doing research on what most people look for and came up with these articles
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