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Reviews of Garden products we all use

garden tool reviews
We all use a lot of products in our garden. From a simple pruner to maybe a full outdoor grill.
We will review as many garden products as we can find, think of and use our-self.
We look at quality in combination with price in our garden product reviews, We do not believe in reviewing bad products.Most reviews will talk about the top rated products with a 4 or more star rating.

Pruning Shears a necessity product

pruning shear reviewsHave you ever tried to cut bushes and small branches with a normal pair of scissors?
I did years ago and did not like it at all. After that I bought some cheap pruners that only lasted one season.
Then I decided to find some quality pruners and here are my reviews.
Click on the picture or here on pruning shear reviews to read all about them

Hidden safe to hide your spare key

stone safeIt probably happened to all of us. Shutting the door behind you and at that same time realize that the keys are inside.
There is a great, cheap and easy solution for that.
A stone safe. This is a plastic rock that looks real with a hidden compartment to hide a spare key.
You can click on the picture or here on this link Stone Safe review to read the review.

Copper roof birdhouses

copper roof birdhousesBird houses are a very nice addition to any yard. Small or large a birdhouse will always fit.
The copper roofed birdhouses have the benefit of looking so much nice and also last a lot longer.
The copper roof will protect the birdhouse from the elements better then any other roofing material.
Click on the picture or on this link to see our copper roof birdhouses we reviewed.

Patio Accessories

patio furniturePatio accessories and patio decor is a very nice way to improve your patio or deck. There are many options available to do this and we will review all of them in their separate pages. We will review the best products for your money like we always do. Patio tables, umbrellas, chairs and even patio heaters will be reviewed
Just have a look at our patio accessories by clicking on the link.

Patio heater reviews

designer table top patio heaterWith the long summer nights it still can get a little chill outside. A patio heater can help you to stay warm and spend more time onside.
With a variety of patio heater available like: full-size, table top and wall-mount patio heaters there is one for every situation.
As always we only review the patio heaters with a 4 star rating or higher for you.
You can read all our patio heater reviews by clicking on this link.

Weathervane reviews

weathervane on a roofA weather vane on the top of your shed, house or chicken coop or even on a stack in your yard with your favorite animal or figure on it can be a great addition to your yard. We have done a lot of weather vane reviews from a variety of top manufacturers and you can find them all by clicking on the weathervane reviews



Outdoor TV cover reviews

outdoor-tv-coverThere are more and more people who have a big flat screen TV on their deck or patio. A outdoor TV enclosure or cover is than a must have item but sometimes get forgotten to order. No problem we got you covered.
We have reviewed the top rated outdoor TV covers for you in all available sizes.
You can find them all by clicking on the Outdoor TV covers and enclosures