Go Pet Club Pet Hair Dryer

dog hair dryer from go pet clubThe Go Pet Club Dog and Cat Pet Grooming Hair Dryer is like the name says not just for dogs but also great for cats. Bathing and drying a dog or cat can be challenging because of the drying part. A human dryer is not meant to be used on pets. The temperature is too high and can burn their skin. Specially ears are known to get to hot with a normal hair dryer. This go pet club pet dryer is made for their fur and skin.

Our first impression

  • 2 speed
  • 2 temperature controls
  • Low noise
  • flexible hose

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Let have a better look at this pet dryer

features of the go pet club dryer

Although all pet dryers can be use on dogs and cats this one has a low setting that is more suited for a cat fur.
Dogs can most of the time handle a little more air flow than cats and you turn it up for your dog.

  • 2 adjustable speeds
  • 2 adjustable temperatures
  • 110 volt
  • low noise
  • double enforced hose
  • Weighs 10.8 pounds
  • 2400 Watts

Measurements, Watts and HP

The unit measures15 x 9 x 6.5 Inches, with a weight of 10.8 pounds
The wattage is 2400 Watts and this is about 5.6 HP at full power.

TIP! Never use a human hair dryer on a dog or cat. They get to hot for their skin


How the Go Pet Club Pet Hair Dryer works

The temperature settings on this pet dryer are set for the skin of a pet. This means it is a lot lower than the temperature on a human hair dryer. In combination with the two settings for the air speed that is measured in cubic feet per second but this supplier displays it in meter/second.
The two speeds are 25 M/s and 50 M/s and the reason you need airspeed is that you do not really dry the hair.
The force of the air blows the water out of the fur of you pet.
That is the basic difference between human dryers and pet dryers.
The temperature setting is also a lot lower. This unit can be set on 30 or 70 degree Celsius that is roughly between 85 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Questions we found about this pet dryer

Q: can I attach it to the wall
A: Yes you can
Q: Does it make a lot of noise
A: Not too much but some dogs are scared of it
Q: Where is it made
A: Could not find it anywhere
Q: How long is the power-cord
A: About 7 feet

Customer reviews of the Go Pet Hair Dryer

What most people liked is that the heat can be turned of and the only heat you get is from the motor in the unit.
For smaller dogs and cats this seems to be the best setting and it will still do a great job.
We read a few comments from professional groomers that actually use this unit and are very pleased with it because it is user friendly and can be adjust in a few simple steps.
Compared to the higher priced pet dryers this unit makes a little bit more noise and can be scary if you pet is not used to it.
One tip was to set in around the corner in an other room than where you dry your pet and let him or her get used to the noise and the air slowly.
To be hones there were a few buyer that mentioned that the unit did not last to long and even 2 mentioned it blew out black stuff at firs use.
85% of the reviewers give this dog and cat dryer and average of 3,4 and 5 stars and that is a pretty high score for a product we reviewed.
The lower were in my opinion people who complaint about the quality and the durability.
The higher ratings were very pleases with and like to versatility of options in temperature and air speed.
There is a sponge filter in the housing and probably this need to be replaces once in while that is why it comes with a spare one.
The filter can be washed according to someone and be reused. You can click here to read all the over 500 customer reviews.
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Our opinion about the Go Pet Club Dog and Cat Pet Grooming Hair Dryer

It is almost impossible to make a 100% of the buyer happy. This pet dryer is no exception.
Overall this dryer got some 85% 3,4 and 5 star ratings and that is pretty decent.
There is however a difference in quality between this lower priced dryer then the other dog blow dryer reviews we did, and you read that in the reviews.
This product works good for general use but if you are having multiple dogs and still like a pet dryer have a look at the Metro Air Force Commander or the Metro air force dryer 1.3 HP we also reviewed.

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