Copper Chef Electric Skillet Review

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Copper Chef Electric Skillet Review

It was very easy to do the Copper Chef electric skillet review since we use it every day and most of the time multiple times a day.

This skillet sits on our countertop and hardly ever gets put away. The reason is that it gets used for breakfast, lunch and in many cases also for dinner.
The thermostat is very easy to use and controls the temperature very well. From the eggs in the morning to grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, it works great.

I have to be honest and mention that this our daughter bought this for us as a gift. Although I think she wanted us to try it because she has one herself now.
We like it very much because it does not take up too much space on the countertop.

What we like most is of course that it is very convenient to use and heating up is just a matter of minutes. Compared to the cast iron skillet we use to cook in the cleaning is a breeze. The non-stick surface just needs to be whipped down with a wet rag and it is basically clean.
We do, however, take is a step further and take out the controller part and wash the skillet itself in the sink with some dish soap.

Eddie Aiken