Monkey Hook Review

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Monkey Hook Review

I decided on this Monkey Hook reviews after using them now for a few years and finding out that many people had never heard of this easy way to hang things on the wall.

What Are Monky Hooks?

Monkey hooks are a bent piece of stong metal wire that is shaped in a way that it is easy to stick them through your drywall.

Maybe a video explains it better than I can.
I bet that watching this video will change your mind about how to hang things on your walls!

As you know it sometimes is very hard to hang things on the wall. For drywall, you need special anchors and in most cases a drill to make a hole for that anchor.
It is so easy to use these hooks for hanging things up to 50 lbs that I wished I had found them years earlier.

I read many reviews and as you could see in the video many people replace all their old anchors with the Monkey Hook.

The main advantage, in my opinion, is that you don't have to use a drill an anchor to hang a picture frame or anything else on a wall. Unless it is concrete.
The second thing that I like is that if you remove the hook for some reason all is left is a very small hole that is easy to fix.

I personally used them many times now and will never go back to using regular anchors unless I really have to.

Eddie Aiken