2 Quart Dutch Oven Reviews

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2 quart dutch oven reviewsA 2 quart Dutch oven is big enough to use in a small household or when you just want to cook a small dish and don’t feel like having to many leftovers. Very good for baking cornbread I read on a consumer forum about this small size dutch oven.

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1. Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 2-Quart Dutch Oven
2. Lodge Camp Dutch Oven 2 QT
3. Lodge L2SP3 pre seasoned serving pot
4. Bayou Calssic 7401 2 Qt Dutch oven
5. Tips from users


Review of the Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast-Iron 2-Quart Round Dutch Oven

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Amazon Rating: 4.9

This Le Creuset 2 qt Dutch oven comes in many colors to match your kitchen decorum.

  • Cherry red, Caribbean blue, Fennel green, Flame red, Marseille blue, Palm green and Soleil yellow


The quality of the Le Creuset is famous and this makes them a little higher in price.

Customer Reviews of the Le Creuset two Quart Dutch oven

“Love this small sized french oven. Lightweight (compared to the larger sized ones) and well made. I have a few other brands of these types of ‘ovens’ and the Le Creuset one is my favorite because it has thinner walls, but just as sturdy as the other brands. Also its the perfect size to cook for two people…(read more here: Le Creuset 2 quart dutch oven review)”

“Perfect to make sauces. I use this pot a lot. The quality of Le Creuset is the best. Totally reliable. …(read more here: Le Creuset 2 quart dutch oven review)”

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Review of the “Lodge Camp Dutch Oven 2 QT

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Amazon Rating: 4.9

Lodge is a well know “Made in the USA” brand and there is no doubt about the quality of their cast iron cooking ware. This 2 Quart Camp Dutch oven gets a 4.9 star customer rating out of 5 stars. It measures 8 inches in diameter and is 3 inches deep. The lid can be used as a griddle when turned up side down. Comes pre seasoned and is therefore ready to use out of the box.

Customer Reviews of the Lodge 2 quart camp dutch oven

“This is an amazing piece of cookware. Always get the campfire edition for any outdoor cooking. I made a pie in it and pizza and mountain man breakfast and it all turned out very delishest…(read more here: Lodge Camp 2 QT Dutch oven review)”

“Nice well made and strong American product. This is a small pot that does a big job. Great for side dishes or small dinners. Purchased two, one for me and one as a gift. Typical Lodge quality. Ready to use out of the box….(read more here:Lodge Camp 2 QT Dutch oven review)”

Lodge Camp Dutch Oven price


Review of the Lodge L2SP23 pre-seasoned Cst Iron Serving pot. 2 Quart

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Amazon Rating: 4.8

Lodge L2SP3 cast iron serving potThis lodge is the number 1 best seller in his range. With a price under $30 this is a serving pot that can be used for many types of cooking.
This 2 quart Dutch oven is most used for soups and stews. Pre-seasoned and therefore ready to use.
A made in the USA Dutch oven from the Lodge company.

Customer Reviews of the “Lodge 2 quart cast iron serving pot

“I love it. I don’t know why it’s a “serving pot” and not a dutch oven, but it functions just fine as one. Being a single person trying to stick to reasonable serving sizes, I find this pot to be ( as Goldilocks said) Just Right. The lid fits the Lodge 8″ skillet too, and I like things that coordinate with each other. It has the self-basting points on the lid, clever and functional! …(read more here: Lodge 2 Quart Dutch serving pot review)”

“This is a wonderful cooking pot for one or two people.
For me, the best way to prepair rice is in cast iron. This pot takes on making rice easily. (one cup brown rice, two cups chicken broth, pinch salt. Cook covered 35 min)
Last night, I made Spanish rice for two friends for supper. This pot made excellent Spanish rice and the pot lends itself a plesant presentation at the table. This made just enough Spanish rice without having leftover issues.
This pot is, of course, cast iron yet it is much lighter than other cast iron products I own making this pot easy to lift.
As an experiment, I discovered one can even make omeletes in this pot as well or better than the expensive omlete pan I have had for years.
This past Sunday morning, I made a rather remarkable Quiche Lorriane for special company. The quiche was tall, light and fluffy and again the cast iron made a wonderful presentation at the table.
The lid is tight fitting and well made. The lid also fits the lodge 8” skillet…(read more here: Lodge 2 quart serving pot Review)”

lodge 2 qt dutch oven price


Review of the Bayou Classic 7402, ,2 QT cast iron dutch oven

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Amazon Rating: 3.8

Bayou Classic 7401 2 QT Read some complaints about the lid not fitting to well on some of the Bayou 2qt dutch oven, but others mentioned the great quality. Like always we recommend to check the Dutch oven right when it arrives and send it back if you are not completely satisfied.
This 2 qt Dutch oven is good for the price you pay for it and can be used in many different ways.

Customer Reviews of the Bayou Classic 7402 2 QT cast iron Dutch oven with Dutch oven lid

“This Dutch Oven is even better than I expected with such a low price !! Bayou Classic Dutch Ovens are wonderful !! I love to cook with cast iron and this oven is perfect for pies and breads. It should work great for inside cooking and ouside cooking as well. The handles are superb and the lip on the lid will work wonderfully with coal or fire cooking !…(read more here: Bayou Classic 2 Qt 7402 Dutch oven Review)”

“Ordered this item for my camping trips and like it so well I am going to order a second one for my home! Terrific size… not too big and not too small!!! Love the fact that it has the flat lid and bale handle but does not have the legs… this allows me to more easily use the pot over an open fire, on the grill, in the oven or on the stove top. The quality is as good as the high priced …(read more here: Bayou 7402 2 QT Dutch oven Review)”

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Tips from real users

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Tips we found from real users
Although some people do not agree with this we have been reading that a cast iron Dutch oven can be use on any heat source including induction stove-tops.
The 2 quart is very good for bread, soups and as a rice cooker.
If you are particular about buying made in the USA you have a variety if brand to choose from with Lodge Dutch ovens being the most know brand.


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