6 Quart Dutch Oven Reviews

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6 qt Dutch oven A 6 Quart Dutch oven is the perfect in between size.
Not to big so you can not cook smaller portions and still big enough to cook a meal for a whole family.
Here we review the top selling 6 QT Dutch ovens for you.

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1. Lodge camp 6 Qt Dutch oven
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Review of the Lodge Camp 6 Qt Dutch oven

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Amazon Rating: 4.9

Lodge 6 Quart Camp Dutch ovenThis Lodge six quart Dutch oven comes seasoned and is ready to use.
Great for any kind of cooking bur perfect for campfire and or fireplace cooking.
The lid can be used as a griddle.
Made in the US and measures 12″ diameter and 3 3/4 inch deep.

Customer Reviews of the Lodge camp 6 Qt

“Before my wife and I were recently married, we both enjoyed camping with groups. Now we are establishing our own collection of camping equipment, and enjoying camping on our own. In studying camping, I became intrigued by the Dutch oven, and the fact that you can do about anything with it you can with a stove and oven at home – bake, broil, boil, fry, roast, etc. Mainly, I dreamed of making a pizza in camp!
Reasearching many publications by Dutch oven fanatics, one thing was consistent: Lodge is the best. They also recommend starting with a 12″ oven, as most recipes are for this size. (Probably because a 12” oven has nearly the same bottom area as a standard 9×13 baking dish or cake pan.)
I can’t compare against any other makes, as I don’t have any, but this oven does not disappoint. It seems well-made, and the lid fits precisely as it should….(read more here: Lodge 6 Qt Review)”

“I have wanted a camp dutch oven for a long time and finally treated myself. I did a lot of research and choose the Lodge camp model for several reasons. The company has a great name and has been in business for generations. The customer reviews on this product were all positive. I have used my dutch oven several times INDOORS in my kitchen oven and it works great for baking No Knead Bread (the New York Times recipe). It fits right onto the oven rack. We took it camping and because of the three sturdy legs, you can do all sorts of camp, outdoor cooking. Also, my research indicated that the vast majority of dutchoven recipes are written for the 6-quart oven, so I recomend getting that one. That way, you won’t have to spend lots of time converting recipe measurements in to your different-sized oven. (By the way, the Lodge oven comes with a terrific instruction manual which includes dozens of great recipes and exact instructions on how many coals to put on top and underneath.)…(read more here: Lodge 6 quart camp review)”

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Tips from real users

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