Air Fryer Reviews

air fryer reviews
I have been looking at air fryers reviews for a while to see if I would write about them and although they have been around for a while there is not much information available. Reason to look at them and give you our tips and ideas about these oil less fryers.

What are air fryers and how do they work

In my opinion an air fryer is a smaller version of a convection oven. Both heat up the air and by using a fan the circulate the hot air around the food you cook.
Benefits of an air fryer are that they use hardly any fat or grease to fry your food. This is a big health factor and this is also why they are becoming very popular.

We found an nice video that explains better how a hot air fryer works.

In these reviews we will look at the top 3 air fryers

Although we think that these are the 3 best air fryers we still advise you to do your own research and find the one that fits your needs. Especially the fact that they come in several sizes makes it necessary to find the size you need.

Philips HD9220/28 Airfryer With Recipe Book

Philips original air fryer hd9220/28
Although we did not read all of them we had a good look at the almost 900 reviews we found for this Philips air fryer.
With an average of 4.3 stars it was rated very high.
The features of the Philips HD9220/28 hot air fryer are:

    Dishwasher safe

  • 1.75 Lb capacity
  • Timer up to 60 minutes
  • Free app
  • Temperature settings

Customer reviews of the Philips HD9220/28 hot air fryer

Philips air fryer customer ratings
Read all the customer reviews here!

The Philips brand have around for ever and to the best of my knowledge this first one that started selling the now so popular airfryers.
There were a lot of positive comments about the fryer but we found that this is not a big air fryer but very suitable for smaller families or a single person household.
For larger families and if you like to fry larger portions it is better to look at one of the other brands we reviewed.

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Aigerek Hot Air Fryer

aigerek hot air fryer
I was really impressed with the ratings and customer reviews of the Aigerek. First I thought these ratings were not real but over 120 people can not be wrong.
The 4.9 star rating shows that. That makes the Aigerek the single highest rated air fryer we have found.
The features of the Aigerek are:

  • Auto shut off
  • 3.2 liter capacity (almost a gallon)
  • 1350 Watts power
  • Timed cooking option
  • Dishwasher safe

    Aigerek air fryer customer reviews

    Star ratings for the aigerek air fryer
    Click Her To Read All The Customer Reviews

    We red some questions and one we have seen a lot is if you have to use oil. Apparently you do not have to use oil but many people wrote that the food taste better and is less dry when you add a little oil.

    What many people liked is the price compared to the quality and how easy it is to use. Some other brands you have to take the basket out to shake the food half way the cooking process. The Aigerek can do this without removing the basket.

    I was not able to found any ratings under 3 stars and that does not happen to often when I review products.

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    GoWise Air Fryer

    GoWise air fryer review
    Most of us have heard of the GoWISE brand for many small kitchen appliances and the brand has a good reputation. The 4.5 star rating for their air fryer shows that reputation.
    This fryer is available in the colors: Black, Chili Red an Red.
    I have been looking at the different pictures and what I noticed is that the Chili red had a more round shape than the other colors.

    Features of the Gowise are fryer are:

    • Variable temperature settings from 180 – 400F
    • Timer settings from 1 – 60 minutes
    • Makes beeping sound when timer is finished
    • Included recipe book>/li>

    Customer reviews of the GoWise USA air fryer

    customer review ratings Gowise air fryer
    The opinion about the GoWISE is a little divided. The lower ratings have some complaints about the quality and that the product arrived but did not work.
    In the higher ratings people are very pleased with this hot air fryer and many of them would recommend them to friend and family.

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    More Hot Air Fryers

    If our top 3 air fryer review does not provide you with the one you need we have compelled a list of what we think are great air fryers.

    Things To Know About Air Fryers

    Many people have never heard of air fryers and also do not know that they can have some great health benefits.

    In general the food prepared in an air fryer is less fat and thus contains less calories. This means that you can be on a diet and still eat the deep fried food we all like once in a while.

    Since we do not have to refresh the oil it is also a money safer. The oil that is used it most of the time just a little bit and this will safe on buying oil. Plus there is a trend going on that shows that the vegetable oil we always used are not healthy.

    It is always good to read the manual and start out with the tips and advice on how and how long to fry your food and than slowly add your own recipes and experience to the equation.

    I hope this air fryer review helped you and you have found the right kitchen product your household and type of food you eat.

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