Bayer Seresto Flea And tick Collar

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bayer seresto flea and tick collar reviewThe Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick collar for cats and dogs is the number 1 best seller in many stores and online. As a dog and cat owner, I hate to see fleas and ticks on my pets. Reason enough to have a good look at this product.

Bayer Serento offers 8 month protection

With 8-month effectiveness, you can protect your dog or cat from flea bites and ticks.

We all hate to see our pets having flea bites and find them with ticks. One of the most effective ways is to use a collar. No need to use drops every month, and forget. We read a lot of the over 14000 (yes, fourteen thousand) reviews and found the following pros and cons.

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Available in 3 sizes

Many other flea collars come in a one size fits all version. The Bayer Seresto Flea And Tick Collar comes in three sizes.

  • Dog over 18 Lb
  • Dogs under 18 Lb
  • Cat size

You probably still have to adjust the size to your dog, but if you buy the right size you do not waste a lot like with some other brands I have seen with my dogs and cats.


TIP! This is not a cheap flea and tick collar and if you can get it on sale for under $55 I would grab it. Check the current price here!


Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick collar reviews

As I mentioned above we found over 14 thousand customer reviews for this collar.
If you want you can read them all here by clicking on the picture.

Here are some of the most mentioned things we found in the Bayer Seresto Flea And tick Collar reviews.
We have to be honest and tell you that this is not for every dog or cat. Some pets are sensitive to it and could not handle the collar. It is advised to watch your dog or cat after they started wearing the collar and see how they react.

Bayer Seresto vet recommended It can take a while before it starts to work. We found a review that gave it a one-star initially and updated after a few weeks that it started to work. Later they updated again after 9 months and mentioned that it “worked like a champ”

The price is a little steep but I read that a veterinarian charged someone 80 dollars. like I said before if you can get it for under 55 dollar here. I would grab it.

Working ingredients are: flumthrin 4.5% and imidaoprid 10.0% the rest of the 85.5% are listed as other ingredients and I guess that is the material itself that is used for the collar.

The effectiveness I have been reading is very good and many pet owners left it one way after the recommended 8 months with not seeing any loss of effectiveness.

This Bayer Seresto Flea And Tick Collar do not only kill but also repel them. Many reviewers wrote that they have not seen any fleas or ticks on their cat or dog after they started wearing the collar.

Where to buy

Questions we found for the Bayer Seresto Flea And tick Collar

Q: How effective is the Seresto collar
A: With the over 14500 people who use it and the high average star rating I would say it is pretty effective.

Q: How long before it starts working?
A: Most of the time it will start to work within 24 hours

Q: What are the side effects
A: Like we mentioned in our review this product is not for every dog or cat and you should watch them see if they can handle this product.

If you have uses this Bayer Seresto Flea And Tick Collar and have an opinion share it in the comments below.

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