Buying Online Safely

Here on Better Priced Online I review many products and give advice on where to buy most of them online for the best prices.

Although I never will send you to a site that I personally do not trust it is always good to keep your eyes open for suspicious signs.

There are a few things that you can look at if you like to check out a website before ordering. And although I did it already I still advice you to do the same. Here are some things you can look at:

  • Is there a physical address
  • Is there a phone number
  • Does the site have HTTPS
  • Doe it look trustworthy

I look at a lot more things and do some in-depth research before I even think about telling you to go there and order an item.

With the internet being more and more a global accessible store it is important to know where your product comes from and how long it will take to be delivered to your house.

In short I advise you to look for signs and try to find information before you order anything from a web store where you have not ordered before.

With so many products reviews here on better priced online I am very careful with my advice where to buy and my rule is that if I would not buy there I will not advice you to buy there.

My reputation is very important for me.

Eddie Aiken

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