Campfire Cooking – Our New Adventure

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pots and pans on a campfire

Recently we went on a camping trip with friends and this was our first time camping in many years.

There were a lot of things that have changed over the years and camping in an RV sure makes life a lot easier than how we did it years ago in a tent.

There are however also things that did not change and one of them was cooking on a campfire.

I have to admit that at the time we went camping, we did most of our cooking on a propane stove since we thought it was too dangerous to cook on an open fire with small children.

What Happened After The Trip

After being on the camping trip and enjoying all the outdoors and especially the cooked meals over a fire we decided to get more into cooking on our patio.

Since we did not have much experience we started with a search on Google as we all do.

There was one website that showed up at the top in many of our searches and that was Better Grills, and you can find it here

Since we were particularly interested in learning more about what we experienced on our camping trip we found a lot of information there.

One of the pages that helped us enormously in where and how to get started was their page about the subject of over the fire cooking which was filled with about everything we were looking for.

What are our plans

Now we know a little more about it the time came to decide on how we are going to move forward with our plans of cooking more outside.


First, we will invest money in a grill. That sounds easier than it is. But again on the same website, we found a ton of information and well-researched grill reviews, and that will help us decide on that.

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Fire pit

The next plan is to build a small and affordable firepit to use for our new outdoor adventure.

This is also something we have to read more about and to decide on how we will build ours.

Cooking Utensils

This is one of the major problems we have not figured out yet. There are soo many choices that it is hard to pick the right ones. This means that we just have to do some more research on what we really need and not waste money.


It is strange how you can get started on new things that you have never thought about before and in this case the camping trip with friends was the thing that got it all started.

I found many Facebook groups where there is a ton of information available and there are tons of people who are more than happy to provide you with all the tips and advice you need.

Since it is not the time of the year to get started because of the low temperatures and cold wind we will have all winter to look around and read about our new adventure.

Maybe we are able to order some things online or even buy some on the Facebook market place which is very popular in our neck of the woods.

If you have any tips or ideas let us know in the comments or just contact us through email.

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