Cuisinart CPC-600

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Rating: 4.2 Reviewed by Eddie
cuisinart cpc-600 reviewIn this Cuisinart cpc-600 review we will tell you all there is to know about this digital pressure cooker.
One of the things we found very useful is the low and high pressure option that this Cuisinart cpc-600 pressure cooker has. This is an option many people look for. Cuisinart is a very well know brand and has a good reputation. They make very affordable products and this Cuisinart cpc-600 pressure cooker is no exception to this rule.

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Table of Contents (click ahead to jump ahead!)
1. Features and video of the Cuisinart CPC-600
2. Material of the pressure cooker
3. Safety
4. Customer Reviews
5. Pros & Cons
6. Summary
7. Recommended

Amazon Rating: 4.2

Features and video of the Cuisinart CPC-600

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  • 6 quart
  • Push button controls
  • Precision thermostat
  • Several settings
  • Cool handles

Material of the pressure cooker

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The most important part of a pressure cooker is the cook-pot of course.
The Cuisinart cpc-600 comes with a dishwasher safe non stick pot that is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.
There are stainless steel replacement pots available if you do not like the non-stick inner pot.
Have a look at this link ==> Stainless steel 6 quart cooking pot <== With it’s 1000 watts it is in the same range as most pressure cookers we reviewed. ¬†

CPC-600 safety

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The Cuisinart pressure cookers all come with the latest safety features. The pressure release valve will automatically open when the pressure or temperature gets to high. The lid will be locked until the pressure is low enough to open the lid and the power will shut off by itself if the cooker is heating without any food in it.
You can read more here.Cuisinart pressure cooker safety

Customer Reviews of the Cuisnart cpc-600

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“I wanted a pressure cooker for quite some time, but after suffering some pretty severe steam burns, I was rethinking option. With the electric unit, my fears were allayed. I did some research, and the Cuisinart brand is highly rated. The directions are pretty vague, and the first couple of times using it are something of a headache. After I figured out to first choose the pressure rating and then punch in cooking time while it was still blinking and THEN press start, it was much easier. Manually releasing the steam is a bit nerve racking, but I love this product!!!! I use it almost every day, making everything from steaks and baked potatoes to turkey breasts. I look forward to trying many more recipes. I always remember never to use it under a counter (steam will ruin wood), and to use with respect. The cleanup is amazingly easy and fast, and the food is juicy and flavorful. Plus, everything is cooked in a healthful manner, with no added oils or grease….(read more here: Cuisinart CPC-600 review)”

“I live at 7800 feet, so it is really hard to cook potatoes, brown rice, beans, and artichokes in under 2 hours. I finally decided to get a pressure cooker. This specific model was recommended by someone on our local high altitude cooking page and it had pretty good reviews. The price was reasonable (I buy a ton on Amazon since I live in the mountains, but I purchased this at another retailer for $20 less). I saw there were a lot of great reviews and a handful bad reviews, but thought I would give it a try, as I love Cuisinart small appliances. I have to say, I absolutely love it. This is not your grandmothers pressure cooker. It is so easy to use and takes a fraction of time to cook. It is a very versatile appliance; you can saut√©, brown and simmer all in one pot…no messing up more pots and pans. It is a breeze to clean up, as well. So far, I have made artichokes and the Cuban Black Bean Soup recipe in the enclosed booklet. The artichokes could have used a couple of extra minutes, so I noted that in the book (12 minutes total). Because the artichokes needed a little longer, I also cooked the soup an extra 7 minutes (37 minutes total). It came out perfect…(read more here: Cuisinart CPC-600 review)”

price here

Cuisinart cpc600 pros and cons

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  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Cook pot is diswasher safe
  • Healthier food
  • Great fore cooking on high altitudered-tick-buttonCons:
  • Manual is not to good
  • Seems to have some problems with the seal on the lid
  • No preset cooking buttons.
  • have to set the time manually.

    Our opinion of the Cuisinart cpc-600 pressure cooker

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    Click here to see the price on AmazonAfter reading a bunch of customer reviews we found that there are a few things real good about this Cuisinart cpc 600 pressure cooker and there are some things that might make you look for an other brand or model.
    Lately more and more electric pressure cookers come with pre-settings for cooking certain kind of foods that many people use a pressure cooker for.
    This particular Cuisinart model have some pre-settings for Browning, Saute, keep warm and Simmer, but the pressure cooker time still has to be set manually.
    If you are home and have time to prep your food and safe time by using a pressure cooker this might be a good product for you.
    If you on the other hand would like to prep your meal in the morning and find it ready when you come home end of the day this is not the model you are looking for and we recommend to have a look at our Instant pot IP=Lux60 review.
    There is nothing wrong with this pressure cooker, but it comes with a little learning curve.
    With over 1000 reviewers and an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars and the name Cuisinart behind it this is a good product.
    Like always there is the occasional lemon and we always recommend to test your pressure cooker as soon as you receive it and return it and ask for a new one or refund in case of any problem.


    Recommendations for the Cuisinart CPC-600

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  • Never store with closed lid to safe the gasket from being damaged
  • Do not use under a cabinet. The steam will ruin the wood
  • Cuisinart customer service got good reviews
  • Great for cooking on high altitude

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