Modern Catbox Enclosed In Black

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Rating: rating: 3.7 Reviewed by:Eddie
designer catbox enclosed black
Many people complain about their ugly litter box and the cat don’t like to use it to much because of no privacy.
Placing it out of sight or in a separate room is most of the time the best solution.
This designer catbox enclosed in black litter box can be the solution to your problem and make your house even look nicer with its great design. Have a look at our designer catbox enclosed in black review and see if this is maybe something for your house.

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This black designer enclosed cat litter box has received 139 reviews and here you can find the average rating for this litter box.

Amazon Rating: 3.7

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Customer Reviews of the litter box enclosure in black

“After moving to a larger home, I noticed my three-legged elderly cat, Bob, was struggling to make it to the designated potty area in time. This box was our perfect solution. I chose black to match my decor, and, during assembly, I did not install the three pieces of wood on the top so that it would fit in with my other modern furniture. Additionally, because Bob only has three legs, I did not install the wooden legs on the bottom of the box so that he is able to enter without any problems. I then placed two throw pillows on top, and within an hour from start to finish, Bob has his own furniture in our new house. He is very happy and I am, too. Thank you!…”

“I bought one of these boxes several years ago and was very happy with it. I have three basset hounds who love to get into kitty litter and this box with it’s vestibule is perfect. Solved the problem of both bassets and litter. I now have another cat and got a second box. I am over 70 years old and alone I could finish putting the box together in no time. Really easy to do if you read the instructions and do it in order. I made most of it on my bed so I would not have to bend over and the only problem I had was that one basset kept jumping up to slobber me. I find them easy to clean and a small broom and dust pan takes care of any spilled litter in the vestibule. My cats are 12 and 14 pounds and fit just fine. The Petsmart box I found fits exactly so little gets spilled. Many people have sat upon the original box not knowing it is a cat litter and it is sturdy and sound. I can not thank you enough….(read more here: Enclosed black designer litter box Review)”

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Our opinion of the black enclosed litter box

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After reading tons of customer reviews on several websites and forum we can come to the conclusion that this black enclosed designer box can be recommended as a good buy.
There are some improvements that can be done after you buy this litter box, but they depend on your cat or cats.
Some people bought a separate cat box fore every cat they have and some let them share the same box. Like mentioned this depends on what you would like and what your cats prefer.
If you have a cat that likes to use the corners of the litter box to do his thing it is better to look for a litter pan with higher edges to prevent leaking in the box itself.
Overall most people (and cats) are pretty happy with the black closed litter box and about all of them mentioned how much better their house looked without the old and ugly litter boxes.

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Litter box in room

cat box open top view


Tips from real users

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Tips we found from real users.

Additionally, I brightened the interior by placing a battery operated and motion detected light

A custom fit litter box was better for my cat to keep his mess in the box

I caulked and painted the inside with BIN primer and black topcoat. This was a precaution against seepage around the joints.
We have two large cats, 15lb and 20lb, and they both fit just fine and use it without issues.

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