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designer cat litter boxesAre You Still Using That Ugly Cat Litter Box? Still Scooping Litter From The Floor And Trying To Hide It? On Better priced online we have found the best designer cat litter boxes that will solve this old problem with a nice looking piece of furniture.

These litter boxes are also called enclosed or designer litter boxes, because the actual litter box is inside. they come in many different price ranges and designs for this furniture. There is always one available that will fit your situation, color, size and budget.

Customer reviews

I have been reading many customer reviews about the enclosed litter boxes and most of them are real positive. Here at the bottom I have written some of the point I found worth sharing with you. If you do not want to read all of this, just click on the link below to find the best prices
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We have reviewed the following litter boxes

Designer cat litter box enclosed in black

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designer catbox enclosed in black review Read the review here designer catbox enclosed in black review.
This designer litter box can make your house look a lot nicer because it hides that ugly cat litter box that most people do not like to see at all.



Designer cat litter box enclosure in white

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designer cat litter box enclosure in white reviewA hidden liter box in white to match your decorum. This enclosed litter-box is hidden in this nice looking piece of furniture, You can read the full review by clicking in the link Designer Cat Litter Box Enclosure In White and see if this litter box will help you and you cat.


Plant litter box

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plant litter boxA plant litter box looks nice in you house and hides that ugly litter-box.
The litter box is hidden is a made out of sturdy plastic, but looks like a clay pot with a plant in it.
You can hide the entrance to the side or in an angle that you don’t see it.
This is a large litter box and easy to access and use even for bigger cats.
You can read the whole review here: Plant litter box review.






Merry Pet cat washroom

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merry pet cat washroomThe Pet Products Washroom and Night stand is one of the best sellers on-line.
We have reviewed it here and found some interesting point for you to read before you decide on buying this liter box.
It is in the top of most sold designer and enclosed cat litter boxes.
You can read the whole Merry Pet Cat Washroom Review here.



Why switch to a Designer of Enclosed cat litter box

Before making a final decision you should read some points that other users mentioned to take in consideration.

Does not take up to much room

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This was kind of a nice surprise to most people. Many of them were expecting a larger item.

Easy to assemble

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The litter boxes most of the time were easy to assemble without even reading the manual. Although I still advice to read that first.

Odor control

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The designer and enclosed litter boxes controls the odor much better than a normal litter box. One review mentioned a 99% reduction in odor.

Litter tracks stay in the box

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One of the most mentioned pros is that the amount of litter tracked is almost down to zero.

Easy to clean and vacuum

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Because of the fact that all the litter stays inside the litter boxes are much easier to clean and even to vacuum inside.

Stops intruders

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This kind of litter box stops the dog from “helping” you to clean the litter box. You know that a lot of dogs like to snoop around in the litter box and these hidden litter boxes stop them from doing that according a remark we read.

Looks like a piece of furniture

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The name designer box kind of gives that away of course. But it was mentioned several times that it looked real nice and fitted right in with the rest of the furniture. They are available in several colors and designs to fit your house decor.



designer litter boxes

Have a look at this video about the advantages of a enclosed litter box

The major advantage of an enclosed liter box are obvious. No more ugly litter box in your house. Easy to clean and most cats love them since they have more privacy.
With the use of the Dr. Elsey’s cat litter you might even get a better result since it makes it easier to clean and attracts your cat to the litter box with the use of herbs.
Here are some more pictures so you can get an idea what is available in the stores.

enclosed cat litter box


I think this looks a lot better.



hidden litter box


This is one of the most popular models I found.



This is a video of assembling a designer box. Available through the link on this page.

A litter box hidden in furniture is a great solution to an old problem. Hide the box, keep the litter inside, Less smell, and what is also important.
The cats love them.

Eddie Aiken

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