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Reviews of Dutch Ovens.

We review all sizes of Dutch ovens here on better priced online.
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The Le Creuset dutch ovens and the lodge dutch ovens are the 2 most popular brands.
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Different brands of Dutch Ovens

If you don’t feel like breaking the bank you can go for the relative cheaper dutch oven brands like Tramontina and Lodge, who are both available in many online stores
The much more expensive brands for Dutch ovens are Le Creuset and Staub.
Your choice should be determent by how much and for what you will use these cast iron cooking pans.

lodge cast iron dutch oven

tramantino log for dutch oven


Click on one of the images to look at the affordable prices of these made-in-America Dutch ovens.


The word dutch oven where does it come from?

chuckwagon oven in campfireThere are a few suggestions where it comes from, but the 2 most likely ones are:
The early dutch traders and salesmen who were selling these kinds of cooking pots gave them the name “Dutch Oven”
Other people stick to the story that the Dutch settlers in Pennsylvania who used these pots are responsible for the name.
The old Dutch oven that we see in the old westerns had a flat bottom and three legs to keep it above the flames of the campfire.
This type of Dutch oven is still made by the Lodge manufacturing company and they call it a “Camp Oven”.
There are also people who call it a chuck-wagon, or cowboy dutch oven.


dutch oven on stoveThe round-topped and flat bottomed one with no legs is sold under the name Dutch oven and used by many people all over the world.

This type of cookware has changed a lot throughout the years and is now available in many colors, shapes, and sizes.


Here is a video about what to look for when buying a Dutch oven. I do not agree with this lady that the brand she promotes is the best brand, but it is a good brand. Many other brands have the same qualifications she is looking for in a Dutch oven.


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