Eagle Weathervane

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eagle weather vanesThe eagle is an American symbol for a long time.
With an eagle weathervane you have the opportunity to show your appreciation for this magnificent animal and your patriotism at the same time. Besides that it looks great on your rooftop, shed or even on a stack in your yard.
We have tried to find a variety of eagle weather vanes in a few price ranges.
Like we always do is find the 5 highest rated and best selling weathervanes for you to choose from.


24-Inch Weathervane with Eagle Ornament

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eagle ornament weather vaneThe Montague metal product company makes a lot of weathevanes and this Eagle weather vane is on of their 24″ large ones.
I found 16 reviews with an average of a 4.4 out of 5 stars and found a price under 40 dollar.
It is made of hand cast recycled aluminum and enamel black enameled.
Many people like the fact that is made in the USA.
The adjustable base that is included is included and can be adjusted to most roof pitches.
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Full-Bodied Eagle Weathervane 30-Inch

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golden eagle weather vane This full body eagle weathervane from the Whitehall company is a 30 inch large total body gold and bronze colored we found has 19 reviews and an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars.
Again made in the USA and we found it for a little under 100 dollar.
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Polished Copper Smithsonian Eagle Weathervane

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Smithsonian eagle weathervaneThis is the first weather vane we recommend from the Good Direction company that manufactures many beautiful and high quality weather vanes.
This good direction 955P weathervane is all hand crafted and measures 23 x 38 x 23.
With the polished finish that will age naturally like copper does it will only look better when its aging.
This weathervane comes with an all weather assembly rod including the solid brass directionals and the copper spacer balls. Unfortunately it does not come with the roofmount that is sold separately.
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Eagle cottage polished copper weathervane with roof mount

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good direction 8815pr weather vaneThis eagle weather vane looks like to one above, but has a different size and comes with the roofmount and that is why the price is higher then the one above.
The size is 21 x 32 x 16 inches and is great for smaller buildings like sheds and a gazebo in your yard.
Like to one above it will looks better after aging.
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Smithsonian Eagle Weathervane Blue Verde Copper

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blue verde copper smithsonian eagle weathevane This is the highest priced eagle weather vane in this review and although it only has two reviews it also has a 5 star rating from both of them.
This weathervane is hand crafted and easy to install with the included assembly rod and the directionals with copper spacer balls like all the good direction weathervanes.
The measurements are 23 c 38 x 23 inches assembled. This blue verde copper look is liked it is aged already.
The single point contact makes this product very easy to spin in the wind.
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More Eagle weather vanes for you to choose from

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If the eagle weather vane you are looking for is not on this page we can help you find all the eagle weather vanes on Amazon. Click on =>>eagle weather vanes<== on Amazon.

Adjustable aluminum roof mount from good directions

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best roof mount for eagle weathr vanesThis great roof mount can be use for any weather vane with a little adjusting.
If you have ordered a good direction form good directions, like some we have here on the page, this is the roof mount to get.
it is easy to adjust to the roof pitch and come with all the screws you need.
It will fit most weather vane poles up to 3/4 of an inch diameter.
With a price around 30 dollar I think this is a good buy to keep your weather vane on your rooftop.
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