Easy Jar Opener

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Easy Jar Opener
Using an easy jar opener like a rubber jar opener or some type of easy twist jar opener tool is sometimes a necessity. I ran into those hard to open jars or even screw bottle caps and started looking into these types of kitchen gadgets and found that they can make life a lot easier for you.

There are basically two types of jar openers.

  • Rubber jar opener
  • Jar opening tools

We will do jar opener reviews for both types and depending on the strength in your hands and or severity of your arthritis you have to decide if one or the other is better for your specific situation.

Rubber jar opener

We have found the 3 best-selling and rated rubber easy jar openers. This is the easiest to use way to open a jar if you have some strength in your hands. If you have severe arthritis or other problems with your hand or wrist I think another tool might be better for you.



4 pack easy jar opener multi pack

Multi-Purpose Jar Gripper Pad Bottle Lid Opener 4 pack

4 multi-color jar openers that are 4 inches in diameter. Available also in a double pack and that will have 8 jar grippers in it. Most people say it is big enough for all sizes of jar lids and even for small bottle caps.

After reading a lot of the 0ver 30 reviews I found and looking at the 4.2-star rating in combination with the very low price this is a very good buy. The low reviews mentioned that they feel a little cheap and do not last too long and the higher only one person uses them every day and they last now for over a year.

The low reviews mentioned that they feel a little cheap and do not last too long and the higher ratings talk about the great quality and that they work great. I found one person that uses them every day and they last now for over a year.

Overall for the price of around 5 dollars, this is a nice product and it might not be what you are looking for but it does the job in most cases very well.

Jar lid gripper non slip rubber

Rubber jar lid gripper

Warning: There is one pad in the package although it mentioned jar grippers. This is a 5-inch rubber jar opener in the color white.

There is a very low number of low ratings for this jar lid opener. The ones I found thought that there was more than one in the package. Most people mention the quality rubber and that they last very long.

Cleaning is very easy by rinsing it off or throwing it in the sink with your dishes.

There are about 90% of the buyers rated them 4 and 5 stars and that came from over 120 people who actually bought them.

Both sides are rough although one side is a little rougher than the other.

What most people like is that is real rubber and of good quality. Some people mentioned the price is a little high but I do not see that with it being around or under 5 dollars.

3 Piece Rubber Jar Grippers

3 piece rubber jar grippers

What amazed me about this very affordable package was the high ratings and how many people took the time to write about them.

93% 4 and 5-star ratings! That means something! Since it is impossible to make a product that pleases everybody there are some lower raters that were complaining about some minor things like the size and the thickness of the rubber pads.

Most people, however, liked them very much and appreciate the 3 different sizes and many liked the smaller tapers. They used this one for smaller things like bottle caps and even smaller caps.
Overall this package is a great deal for the low price you pay for it.

Jar Opener Tools

This is a different type of easy jar opener and they are probably better for people with joint problems or arthritis in their hands or wrists.

Because the perfect jar opener does not exist. I mean one that helps out all of us. I looked at a few different concepts. They all use the same principle but one or the other might work better in your specific situation.



OXO Good grips easy jar opener

OXO Good Grips jar opener review

This is a jar opener tool that many people search for online. This made sense for us to have a good look at to see if it deserves this nice rating.

Of the over 1700 buyers only a few were not too happy with the OXO jar opener. They mentioned that it took a lot of strength to use it. This can be true but it proves my statement that there is no one size fits all solution for jar openers.

The higher ratings like the 3,4 and 5 stars are happy with the performance and use the jar opener for a variety of jars and bottles.

Some people did not like that it is actually a two-part tool. The top part is the opener and the lower part is the rubber pad to hold the jar in place at the bottom.

You do not have to use the rubber pad if your hands are strong enough but in my opinion, it is a great extra to make it easier.



EZ Off Jar Opener

EZ Off jar opener

Maybe I should have done this jar opener first since it is about the highest-rated one I could find.

This jar opener has to be screwed under the kitchen cabinet and then can even be used with one hand. That was one of the pros I read about it and I found it back in many of the reviews I read.

A whopping 4.8 stars from almost 2000 buyers can not be ignored and this makes it a very good buy.

The few lower ratings I found for this jar opener tool is that it is not easy to use for some type of jars and it sometimes damages the lid edge too much. That is all the cons I could find.

Let’s have a look at the higher ratings now. I found 95% 4 and 5-star ratings and this is something I very seldom see in all the reviews I have done over time.
Many people with mild to severe arthritis claim that it is easy for them to open a jar now. One reviewer had only one hand and loved this option to open his jars.

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The under the cabinet installation is not hard to do with the sticky side to hold it in place and then you can use the screws that come with it to attach it better.

3 pack of jar and bottle twist cap opener tools

3 pack jar and bottle opener tool

This package is a 3 pack bundle. It comes with a jar opener and a separate opener that twist the caps of bottled and an easy to use the cutter to open those hard to open plastic wrappers

According to the manufacturer, all these jar opening tools are easy to use for people with arthritis. I do not think this will work for everybody but you have to be the judge of that.

4.2 stars might not seem too high compared to the two other tools above but I think it is pretty decent otherwise I would not review this product here.
Many people wrote that this package with the three options can open about anything that comes with a screw lid or that scissors cannot open.
That handy dandy little cutter is what a lot of people liked to open all types of packages.
Overall this package of 3 tools can recommended as a good buy. You have to decide if this is what you are looking for.


Our opinion about the easy jar and screw cap openers

As I mentioned before there is no one size fits all easy jar opener solution. It all depends on your specific situation and needs.
for someone who still has enough strength in his or her hands one of the rubber jar opener pads might work great.

If you have arthritis in your hand or wrists it is not easy to open jars or bottles. In that case one of the jar opener tools might be the best choice.

the EZ Off jar opener is one of the highest-rated solutions and seems to be the best choice in most situations. If you however having trouble reaching that high another one might be better suited for you.

This brings us to the end of jar lid opener reviews for now.
I hope you found the Easy jar opener you need and feel free to leave a comment or tip for our readers. You can find more kitchen product reviews here.

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