Eatsmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale Review

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Rating: 4.7 Reviewed by Eddie
EatSmart Precision Pro digital kitchen scale Review
When I was looking for a digital kitchen scale I found that the Eatsmart precision pro scale received over 7100 reviews and ended with an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars.
In this Eatsmart Precision pro digital kitchen scale review, we will find out if the 4.7 is a good rating
But with so many great reviews we do not doubt that.
The price can not be an obstacle for this digital kitchen scale, because it is not too expensive for the features and accuracy you get.


Comes in the colors: White, Red, Silver, Black Chrome, and White Chrome.


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We have found a lot of information and read many customer reviews of this digital kitchen scale and after that, we decided to give it a 4.7-star rating.

About the Eatsmart Precision pro

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The Eatsmart Precision pro is an easy-to-use multifunctional digital kitchen scale.
Like most kitchen scales the max Weight it can handle is 11 lbs.
The display can show the weight in ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms, all in steps of 0.5 Oz or 1 gram.
Although this is a feature that many scales have I still like it.

The auto turn of feature is set to 3 minutes and that is higher than most other scales we reviewed and is a nice feature in the customer reviews we read.
It works on 2 triple A batteries that are included.
With the tare function, it is easy to weigh ingredients without having to take the bowl of the scale.

POur Rating: 4.7

Eatsmart Precision Pro customer reviews

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“Very nice scale. Fairly priced. I’m now a low-carb eater, and keeping track of ingredients is part of the process. This scale makes it very easy to do that. The size makes it storable in a small space, and the features are perfect for the kitchen. I saw some buyers complain about very short battery life, but I’ve seen no sign of that. It shuts itself off after a short time of non-use. I like it and I’d recommend it for the purpose for which I use it. Very quick delivery, too. Thanks, Amazon Prime!…(read more here: Customer review)”

“I was kind of worried when I opened the package and saw that is was made out of all plastic. Had I read the product description I would have seen that so shame on me. However, I might not have purchased it and that would have been a shame. This is a very accurate, easy to use scale! I love it! I have never had a kitchen scale before which is surprising because I love to cook! Weighing ingredients is such a better way to measure!!! I honestly don’t know how I have lived this long without a scale in my kitchen and the price is great….(read more here: Customer review)”


Pros and Cons of the Eatsmart Precision Pro

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  • Accurate
  • Four units to display
  • Tare function (zero setting)
  • Three-minute auto turn off
  • Five rubber feet


  • All plastic and feels cheap
  • The platform could be bigger
  • Smaller than expected
  • little inaccurate under 5 gram


Our opinion about the Eatsmart Precision digital kitchen scale

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You have to excuse me that I did not read all of the over 7100 reviews I found, but I read a lot of them like I always do.
What I also always do is read the bad reviews to see if there is something they have in common.

What I found is that sometimes the unit stops working after a short while.
However, the customer service is great and it seems that the owner most of the time answers the phone himself.

The problems are taken care of very fast and a new scale is sent to replace the defective one.
There are however more positive than negative reviews. Here is how they are divided.
5 stars – 5900
4 stars – 860
3 stars – 210
2 stars – 80
1 star – 95
Click here to find the price on Amazon That means that a lot more people rated this Eatsmart Precision pro as a good scale.
In my opinion, it is impossible to sell over 7100 products in the electronic category without the occasional “lemon”.
Taking into consideration the low price of this digital kitchen scale this is a pretty good rating.
The most complained feature was that the auto-off sometimes turns off faster than the 3 minutes it supposes to.

As I mentioned before it comes in the colors: White, Red, Silver, White Chrome, and Black Chrome so you can match your kitchen decorum.

I don’t know if it’s just Amazon, but I read that it comes with a free guide on facts about calories to help count calories when on a diet.

The display is easy to read with big black numbers. Although EatSmart is an American company this scale is made in China.

The booklet that comes with it provides some good value in calculating calories per weight for several food products and many people who are on a diet like this option.

The accuracy under 5 grams is not too good, so if you use it to weigh only light products, you might be better off finding a more accurate (and more expensive) scale. Also, remember that it only weighs in whole grams.

This scale is also made for the kitchen and although accurate it is not for commercial use.
Read a few times the question of what the Tare function was. Here is my explanation.

When you are weighing ingredients for a recipe that has more than one ingredient you do not have to take the bowl of the scale and empty it and then weigh the next ingredient.

All you have to do after you weighed the first ingredient is hit the on/off button and the scale will reset itself to zero. After this, you can start weighing the next ingredient and so on.

Hope this made a little clear what the Tare function does.

You can clean it with a damp cloth, but I advise you not to use too much water because of the electronics.
Overall I think this EatSmart Precision Pro is a good buy and the 4.7 rating is an accurate number.

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