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Rating: 4.7 Reviewed by Eddie
Felco pruner reviewsThe price of the Felco pruners might scare of the average gardener, but in the Felco pruner reviews we show you that you get what you pay for and these pruners are no exception to that rule.
Highly recommended by professional landscapers. The advantage of the Felco pruners brand is that all parts can be replaces. This will safe money in the long run.
Made in Switzerland and we know that thy make quality knifes.

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Felco-F2 classic hand pruner review

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Amazon Rating: 4.7

Customer Reviews of the Felco F-2

“.I’m a Landscaper that’s been in business and using Felco pruners for well over 6 years I’ve used them to cut branches that no other pruners would not. I would NEVER switch to anything else. They never break, and the blade’s are replacable if you ever ding the blade were it can not be repaired. Now that I know there here on Amazon, I plan on buying another pair, just in case I end up losing the one’s I have. There more than worth the money whether your using them for commercial use or just residental. They will cut any hardwood branch you need them to. Garenteed…”

“These are by far the best quality pruners available. My husband has been using Felco pruners for more than 20 years in his work as a landscaper. We buy them for our friends, family, and his co-workers. Every part can be replaced if necessary, but the pair my husband has been using for 15 years has only had to have the spring replaced, once. They are so easy to hold and use, with a sharp, clean cut. The f-2 model is my husband’s favorite. It really is designed for the professional, and makes his job easier. I also have a pair of my own, and I find them easy to use, even with my mildly arthritic hands….(read more here: Felco-F2 classic hand pruner review)”

Our opinion

felco-f2 c;assic prunerThe Felco F-2 classic hand pruner is great for light work.
The blades are made of a good quality hardened steel.
The handles are made from light weight material but that does not seem to make a difference.
One thing I read was that a professional gardener gave them to his crew to use as a standard pruner.
with 86% 5 star, 6% 4 star and 4% 3 star ratings from over 310 buyers. I think we can say that this Felco-2 hand pruner earned some respect from gardeners.
It might be an exception, but on person wrote that he had the same pair for over 30 years.
This model get a lot of good reviews from people with large hands. With smaller hands it is better to find an other one. The number 6 is better if you have smaller hands.

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Felco F-6 Classic pruner for smaller hands

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Amazon Rating: 4.8

Customer Reviews of the Felco F-6 Classic”

“The bottom line is that they work really, really well for years, even without sharpening. Their scissors action is much better than the anvil style. This F-2 model is the most general purpose design and I use it on virtually everything.

I will suggest that if, like me, you have relatively small hands, the smaller F-6 model is slightly more comfortable and easier to use for most work. I have both and use the F-6 for heavy duty end of the year pruning and the F-2 throughout the summer for average pruning jobs. If you only want one of these little gems, this smaller one will do everything the larger one does, but with a bit more effort…”

” I live in a house in the country and we keep almost seven acres park-like with flower gardens, fruit trees, grapes and the like. It is a very large task keeping this place up between the two of us. I did purchase the F-6 as my hands are rather small; strong, but alas small and I found these to fit them better. My old set from my grandmother are larger and after several hours do tire my hands….(read more here: Felco F-6 classic for smaller hands review)”

Our opinion

Felco-F6 prunerThe Felco F-6 gets a lot of good ratings from people with smaller hands about the fact that they don’t have to use so much force and their hands do not hurt so much after pruning for a while.
With a 4.8 rating from over 155 people who really use this pruner there is not too much for us to add to that.
Someone mentioned that this F-6 does the same as the F-2 but with a little less effort.
Reason that they are more comfortable is that the handles are closer together compared to the larger pruners.
Sharp is on of the words we read a lot and to be careful not to cut yourself.
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Felco F-8 Comfortable Ergonomic Design review

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Amazon Rating: 4.6

Customer Reviews of the Felco F-8″

“Have used these for three months now. Used them on Maple, Apple, Juniper and Cedar trees as well as various bushes at my home. I’m not meticulous about cleaning them after use and I have no rust or corrosion and I live in the wet and rainy Pacific Northwest. I think maybe I’ve sprayed them twice with Dupont Teflon Multi-Lube. They seem as sharp as the day I bought them. They are easier to use than my ratchet-type pruner or my anvil-type pruner. Amazon says these will handle 1″ branches and I’d have to say that’s pretty accurate. I’ve successfully tackled some bigger stuff but probably should have used my loppers on those….”

“I’ve owned this a few years now, and it’s probably the most used garden tool I have. Fits in my pocket, although a holster would be a good idea. Has held up with abuse, cutting things too big, cutting roots, leaving it out the rain, etc. Red handle is a good idea, because I don’t lose it if I set it down. Still cuts very well….(read more here: Felco F-8 pruner Review)”

Our opinion

Felco F-8 prunerOur opinion is less important than the florist that wrote that he had used other types first, because of the slightly higher price, but now bought the Felco F-8 and will not use any other anymore.
This means that professionals use them and I think that is the best recommendation you can get.
Some older people mentioned that their hands did not feel painful after using them all day.
This means that the ergonomic design must work.
The price might be a little high, but the quality will makes them last for many years.
I read that most people do not even oil or clean them anymore.
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Felco-F-910 holster for pruning shears review

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Amazon Rating: 4.7

Customer Reviews of the Fiskars 9921″

“I purchased this to holster my Felco F-6 pruning shears. I have to agree with the other comments that this product arrives very stiff. The product was in excellent condition and the leather was fresh and new, just very stiff. The exterior is smooth with the interior being the rough grain of the leather. I chose the F-910 over the other Felco holsters because it has a belt loop and a metal belt clip that I can hang off a tool belt without taking off the belt and slipping it through the holster holes…”

“Perfect fit for my Felco’s, and you don’t have to fiddle with the thumb latch on the shears- just stick them in the holster un latched, and the holster keeps them closed. The holster makes it very easy and comfortable to keep the shears on me the whole time I’m in the yard, so it makes the shears that much more useful since they’re always at hand. I removed the metal belt clip….(read more here: Felco F-910 Review)”

Our opinion

Felco F-010 holsterThis holster for the Felco pruners works great.
The leather is a very good quality and the stitches are very strong.
The belt clip fits most belts, but not if you have a extra wide belt.
The leather is stiff at first, but with some leather or salad oil it becomes softer.
It will form to your pruner after using it for a while and that makes it very easy to use.
One user mentioned that he does not use the latch anymore, but that the holster keeps his pruner closed.
He says that safes on opening and closing the latch all the time.
To keep your pruner in a good shape and easy to find while you are working in the yard I think this is a great extra to use with you Felco pruner.
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