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Rating: 4.3 Reviewed by Eddie
Fiskar pruner reviewedFiskars pruners are very well known in the world of gardeners for their quality and durability.
We review the top 5 Fiskars hand pruners here in random order.
The average rating can be used as a guide of the quality, but we found out that this is not always the case. A lower rating does not always automatically mean lesser quality.
Read our reviews and our opinion to see what Fiskars pruner will do the job for you and your garden.


Read all the reviews of the Fiskars pruners


Fiskars 9921 Softouch Micro-Tip Pruning Snip

Amazon Rating: 4.6

Customer Reviews of the Fiskars 9921″

“These are the best little pruners you can get! They are compact, fitting right in your hand and the soft grip allows you full control. The construction on these are great, I’ve had mine for years and recently decided to get another to have an extra on hand. They are sharp and narrow enough to allow you to get into the plant to make precise trimming/cutting a breeze! They also come with a rubber cover to keep protected when not in use. Pro tip: be sure to wipe down after each use to prevent any residue build up on the blades….”

“I love these snips. As a matter of fact, my husband was stealing them all the time to prune in the garden, so I bought a second pair to prune my flowers. The snips are very sharp and can cut through Zinnia stems to prune and Bell pepper stems to pick. The tips are very pointed and very sharp. I have poked and cut myself many times on the tip. I highly recommend that you keep the orange plastic cover over the tip when carrying the snips in a pocket or storing them. Very handy tool for the garden. Recommended for form precise pruning than a sidecut pruning shears….(read more here: Fiskars 9921 Review)”

Our opinion

friskars 9921This Fiskars 9921 soft-touch is great for smaller work.
Do not try to cut thick stems with them, but use them for flowers and rose bushes.
The soft touch is very liked by people who have some kind of problem with their hands like carpel tunnel syndrome.
the cut real light and stay sharp forever. Great for people with smaller hands.
Keep them covered if you don’t use them because you can cut yourself.
Highly recommended and for this price if they even last 1 season it is still a good deal!!
Click on the link for the price of Fiskars 9921 Softouch on Amazon

Review of the Fiskars powergear


Amazon Rating: 4.2

Customer Reviews of the Fiskars PowerGear

“I already have a pair of these, but they’re getting worn from years of use. I think these are the best hand pruners there are….)”

“I have many Fiskars tools for gardening. They are dependable, sturdy, and I have 3 sets of different shears, and the Fiskars big grip garden knife is an absolute must have. I have 2 and carry one on my tractor at all times while mowing. Some weeds need a little extra extraction…(read more here: Fiskars PowerGear Review)”

Our opinion

Friskar power gear pruner Not too easy to use for left-handed people I read in a comment but worked great for someone with arthritis in his hands.
Recommended by the arthritis foundation according to the manufacturer and I read many comments about the ease of use for people with hand problems.
The hardened steel blade can be replaced and I think that is a plus.
Sometimes and of the season we put it up to find it rusted next year. With a replaceable blade you don’t have to buy a new pruner.
It has a 3/4″ cut and this is big enough for use in a normal situation.
Remember this is a hand pruner and not to use on thick tree branches.
After reading all the reviews I think that the star rating of 4.2 is a little low and I think this is a good buy for the price you pay for it
Click on the link for the price of Fiskars PowerGear on Amazon

Fiskars Traditional bypass pruning shears


Amazon Rating: 4.2

Customer Reviews of the Fiskars traditional

“I am the sort of gardener who would rather buy inexpensive tools and then not feel too bad if they get left out in the yard. These are just right. Sharp, handy, well designed, and they last a fair length of time. A few sprays of WD40 along the way may be required to keep them moving well, but when they get dull they’ve done enough….”

“Have had these shears for several years now, blades are anodized black w/~1/8” of ‘sharpening’ area on top blade that is easily sharpened w/crosscut rat tail file! Handles are wrapped in foam rubber for comfort! Takes smaller bites for smaller branches but when sharp, cut cleanly!
These are why I now prefer exclusively Fiskars products to keep my property trimmed!…(read more here: Fiskars Traditional Bypass Review)”

Our opinion

fiskars traditional shears4.2 stars are a pretty good rating and this in combination with being the number one seller makes this a good deal. It comes with a decent price tag and delivers quality for that.
The little groves in the blades seen to prevent gum and sap from sticking to the blades and make it easier to clean.
Advice is not to go much higher than 1/2 inch because it needs more power then.
Read comments that are also easy to use for left-handed people.
the lock on the handle got some comments of not holding up to great and sometimes even fall apart after a while.
Click on the link Fiskars Traditional Bypass pruning shears to see the price on Amazon

Review of the Fiskars 9124 Professional bypass pruning shears


Amazon Rating: 4.5

Customer Reviews of the Fiskars professional 9124

“cuts nicely, very good balance compares to newer fiskars design which use comp. handles, fits all my family’s hands nicely, reasonable spring response, also able to gain a good grip at varies angles, which is not possible on their power gear line, good general purpose prunner….”

“I never step foot into my garden without these pruning shears in my pocket. Extremely comfortable and sharp. They get a workout just about every day. I am big on pruning to promote growth and these are just perfect. Highly recommended….(read more here: Fiskars 9124 Professional Review)”

Our opinion

4.5 stars should say enough, but I like to look a little further than ratings.
1-inch cuttings must be possible but I recommend not to go so far as to keep it working properly.
although someone mentioned he cut up to 1.5 inches with no problem.
The ergonomic of the handle is mentioned a lot of times as a big plus.
Use a little oil after using them to prevent sticking of the blades and keep them dry to prevent rusting, but that goes for about all pruners.
Several times I read about the sharpness and to be careful with your fingers.
It is my opinion that this is one of the better Fiskars pruners and I can recommend them as a good buy.
Click on this link for the price of the Fiskars 9124 Professional shears on Amazon



Review of the Fiskars PowerGear softgrip pruner


Amazon Rating: 3.6

Customer Reviews of the Fiskars power gear softgrip

“This pruner is a Must have, anyone who gardens needs this pruner in their gardening kit. I was getting my garden all ready for the fall season and I had a hand full of gardening tools ready to use. I started off with the power gear pruner and never used any other tool the rest of the day. The blade is extremely sharp which allows the cut to be a clean cut. I love the way it rolled along with the motion of the cut…”

“Positives: I’ve never seen shears with this sort of twisting handle before, but it seems to really work. It does reduce fatigue and lets you snip larger stems with less effort. A great design.

Negatives: Somewhat expensive and the shears were rather dull when we received them. I disassembled them and sharpened them and now they are great…(read more here: Fiskars PowerGear softgrip Review)”

Our opinion

friskas powergear prunerFiskars PowerGear softgrip pruner 377363-1002 is the full name.
The gear on the Fiskar power gear seems to be made of plastic and with a lot of force while cutting they sometimes slip and lock the shears.
It gets some mixed attention in all the ratings. some people think they are great and others are not impressed.I think ratchet pruners will do a better job in this way. don’t expect the same power as a ratchet pruner.
The handle that can be turned gets a lot of positive feedback and people like that option.
Some people mentioned that they received them not sharp and had to sharp them first.
Could not find out if this was in a certain period, but it seems to me this was not a standard complaint.
Overall, like any other pruner, if you use it the way you should I think this will work well.
You can click on this link Fiskars PowerGear Softgrip Pruner to see the price on Amazon
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