Flat Top Grills For Outdoors

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Flat top grills are a very nice addition to your patio or deck and open a lot of new options to grill or cook some great food next to your outdoor gas or propane grill or smoker.

Adding one of these to your cooking arsenal can help you cook a lot more than just meat, whether it is grass-fed beef or not on your grill, and makes it easier to cook everything outdoors and not have to walk back to the kitchen to cook part of your meals.

We had a look at some of the best-selling and highest-rated flat-top grills for outdoor cooking for you.

Blackstone Flat Top Griddle

blackstone outdoor flat top grill

I think it is safe to say that this Blackstone outdoor flat top grill is one of the most popular ones if I look at the number of them sold.

With 4 burners you are able to create multiple heat zones and in that way grill or cook several items at the same time.

In my time as a restaurant owner, the four-burner grills were set up with three zones to accommodate this.

I think this grill with its 720 square inches is a little large to use on the campground but on your patio or deck, it is a great addition to your cooking arsenal.

Our Rating: 4.5

Royal Gourmet flat top grill

Royal gourmert flat top grill

With this Royal Gourmet 2 burner, I think you are having enough room to cook for a small family.

449 square inches is large enough to offer a variety of options to cook.

This size makes it still portable enough to take it on a trip to the campground or maybe even tailgating.

I like the nice side tables that can hold 25 pounds and are pretty sturdy. They offer you a lot of extra room for pots and pans or other things.

Each burner is 13000 BTU and this is about standard for these types of grills.

Just for the person who needs a larger flat top grill, this one is also available in a 4-burner version.

Our Rating: 4.4

Camp Chef Professional Flat Top Grill

Camp Chef outdoor flat top grill

The Camp Chef FTG600 is a, what you can best describe as, two in one outdoor flat op griddle and grill.

The reason is that you can replace the griddle with a grill grate and this opens a lot of possibilities in outdoor cooking.

In the morning you can use it to cook eggs and bacon for breakfast and at night to grill burgers or a steak.

With the four burners, you can create very easy multiple heat zones on your griddle as well as on your grill.

Each burner is 12000 BTU and comes with its own igniter.

Our Rating: 4.6

I hope this will help you in finding a flat top grill for outdoors that will fit your needs and way of cooking.
As an extra tip, I recommend using one of the Fireproof grill mats I wrote about in another post to protect your deck or patio.

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