Garage Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

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A garage vacuum cleaner is on many people’s wish list
Most of us use maybe a shop vac to clean our garage and use it also to vacuum our cars.
But a garage vacuum cleaner can not be compared with a shop vac.
The shop vac can be rolled around on wheels and has most of the time more suction power than a garage vacuum.
The pro of using a garage vacuum cleaner is that you can buy a wall mount type and even a wet and dry type to do everything you need to do.

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We have read many threads on forums about using a wall-mounted garage vacuum cleaner in a garage.
Most people who started out with a shop vac mention that they will never go back just using a shop vac but always will have a wall-mounted garage vacuum cleaner next to it.

The advantages are that it is always there and all you have to do is turn it on to use it.
A shop vac you have to plug in and the problem with them for some reason is that the wheels will always go in a different direction than you want them to go.

Hoover garage vacuum cleaner

To make it easy on you we have reviewed many wall mounted garage vacuum cleaners here on better priced
Here is a list of the ones we reviewed so far.

Hoover Guv ProGrade vacuum cleaner L2310 review

  • This 10 amp garage vacuum comes with a 5-gallon tank
  • 4.3 stars rating

Bissell garage pro

Bissell Garage Pro wet/dry 18PO3 review

  • 12 amp motor and a 4-gallon semi-translucent dirt tank.
  • 4.3 stars rating

Vacmaster vwm510

Vacmaster-vwm510 wall mount review

  • 5 HP motor and a 5-gallon tank,
  • 4.6 stars rating

Garage vacuum reviews in many cases do not tell you the whole truth but like you to click on one of their links to a garage vac review and then buy one to receive their commission.

We have no intention of doing so. I was looking for a garage vacuum cleaner with a wall-mount and decided to write down my experiences to share with you.

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