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Garden product reviews that will help you find the best products without breaking the bank.

Long Handled Shovels

long handled shovels

Long handled shovels can make the life of gardeners a lot easier. They are available in all types of spades. From snow shovel to round pointed shovels and more

Rain Gauge For Garden

rain gauge for garden

A rain gauge for garden is not only decorative but can help you determine if garden needs watering. They are not just for vegetable gardens but for any type of gardening.

Gardening Stool With Wheels

gardening stool with wheels

Gardening is a lot easier when you use a gardening stool with wheels to sit on.   Although the garden kneelers with handles we looked at can be a great help it is even better to use a garden stool…

Garden Kneeler With Handles

Garden Kneeler and seat with handles

Using a garden kneeler and seat with handles can make gardening and especially weeding a lot easier. I don’t like to sit on my knees in the grass or dirt and do weeding. Reason for me to have a good…

Cordless Weed Wackers

cordless trimmers and weed wackers

  *posts may contain affiliate links.learn how this blog makes money   The reason I was looking at cordless weed wackers is pretty simple. If you are like me you have been messing around with gas powered weed eaters and…