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Garden product reviews that will help you find the best products without breaking the bank.

Weather Vanes

weather vane on a roof

  Weather vanes have been around for a long time. The earliest we could find was in the ancient Greek and was on the tower of winds. There have been found bronze weather vanes in were made by the vikings…

Patio Accessories

patio and deck accessories

  We can expand our indoor living with our outdoor living by using patio accessories. In the warmer time of the year we like to spend more time outside and enjoy our garden, patio or deck. Just like indoors we…

Copper Roof Birdhouse

copper roof birdhouse

A copper roof birdhouse is a very nice looking addition to your yard decor. They might be a little higher priced but looks so much nicer and will last a lot longer. Most of them are hand painted bird houses…

Stone Safe

stone safe

  It has happened to most or maybe even to all of us. We shut the door behind us and at the same moment we realized that we did not have the key with us. You remember that moment? And…

Felco Pruner Reviews

Felco pruner reviews

  Rating: 4.7 Reviewed by Eddie The price of the Felco pruners might scare of the average gardener, but in the Felco pruner reviews we show you that you get what you pay for and these pruners are no exception…