How To Choose The Right Baby Monitor

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Baby sleeping on armWe are all concerned about the safety of our baby and will give anything to keep it safe.
One of the most used products for that are baby monitors.
We will try to help how to choose the right baby monitor for your specific situation and what to look for
Baby monitors have been around for a while and the technology has changed a lot over the years.
Fromm the older analog systems to the latest Dect 6.0 is a big difference.

Baby Monitor Technology

Analog technology
Is not really used anymore.

927 Mhz frequency
This is the technology used for the older cord less telephones.
Easy to eave drop and a little outdated by more modern technologies.

2.4 Mhz frequency
This is one of the most used technologies at this moment and can work fine.
Many phones and about all Wi-Fi also works on this frequency. This means that the change on interference is higher and can be annoying.

Wi-Fi signal
Wi-Fi does also most of the time operate on the 2.4 Mhz frequency and this means that there is a change of interference with your other devices that are working on you Wi-Fi like: laptop, tablet, mobile phones, game console, etc
Wi-Fi also can be hacked and there are several news items that you can look at.
Wi-fi needs to be protected by a strong password.
I just typed in Google “WiFi baby monitor hacked” and was surprised by the number of articles in the news. Here is a video about that

Dect 6.0 technology
This is the latest technology and Dect stands for: Digitally enhanced cordless.
It will give a superior sound and voice compared to the other and older technologies.

All this does not mean that a 2.4 Mhz or Wi-Fi is not good!!.
Just make sure to secure your Wi-Fi with strong passwords.
It can work great in your situation and only testing can tell.
I would not recommend any analog or 927 Mhz baby monitor anymore.

How To Choose The Right Baby Monitor

baby monitor featuresBefore running to the store or order a baby monitor on-line I suggest you ask yourself what you need.
All extra features come with a price-tag and although safety has no price, you have to think if you need all them.

Two important things to think about are the range you need and then you have to look at your situation and start by deciding if you need just a sound baby monitor or that you need one with a video camera.



After that all other things are optional in my opinion but here is a list of things you could be thinking of.

  • Two way sound: You can talk to your baby when it wakes up to comfort him or her.
  • Display size: With a monitor you need to find out what size display you would like to have.
  • Display black/white or color.
  • Additional units or cameras.
  • Pan&tilt function. There are stationary cameras and cameras with the option to pan and tilt or even zoom in to see the whole room.
  • Breathing pad to warn when the baby stops breathing.
  • Room temperature sensor.

These are just some features and I think there are more added every day.
We understand that you are concerned with your baby’s safety and that you would like the best product available.
Most parents will opt for the baby monitor with camera because they are getting more affordable and you don’t have to walk in the room to check on your baby.

We hope we helped you out a little to find the right baby monitor for your situation without breaking the bank.
Just ask other people about their experience and what they advice on.

We are reviewing a lot of products for in and around the house here on Better Priced on-line.
Baby monitor reviews we think are worth looking into can be found on digital baby monitor reviews

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