Japanese Beetle Trap

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Last year at the end of the gardening season I had many problems with Japanese beetles in my vegetable garden.

Since I am not a very experienced gardener I did some research on Japanese beetle repellent, killers, and predators. I tried to find an answer to the question of how do you get rid of Japanese beetles.

“Winner: Japanese Beetle Traps”

Japanese Beetle Trap

japanese beetle trap in action

I have read people also called it a Japanese beetle bag and when you look at my picture I can see why.

How Does The Japanese Beetle Trap Work?

  • Put the top together
  • Add the bag to it
  • Activate the pheromone

Basically, it is a trap with a pheromone in it that attracts the Japanese beetles and they fall into the bag underneath that part.

The package came with an instruction that was not that easy to follow in my opinion.

This is how it works and how I assembled this Japanese beetle trap.

There are 2 pieces of plastic that you have to slide into each other to make the top part as you can see in the pictures I made.

The bag has four holes and you slide the plastic part into these holes and secure it with a twist tie that is included.

I had a hard time figuring this part out so I used my ties from bread bags.

The next thing to do is peel the plastic off the little block that covers the pheromone. Which is the smell that activates the Japanese beetle reproduction organs.

I had some trouble with that maybe because I ordered it last year in the fall. The plastic was hard to peel off and I used scissors and later used some tape to cover it up.

Now peel off the cover from the pheromone and attach it to the lower part of the plastic square.

pheromone attachment to japanese beetle trap

The Result

I know that I had seen a few beetles and that is why I placed the Japanese beetle bag.

“I was surprised by how fast it worked. With no time there were swarms of beetles around the bag.”

A great solution to kill Japanese beetles for under $10.00

“I looked at it after about 1 day and found literally hundreds of Japanese beetles in the bag.”

Best Japanese Beetle Bag – My Opinion And Tips

I read that it was hard to empty the bag because it is attached to the top part.

I cut the bottom part of the bag, folded it over a few times, and used a paper holder I found in my office to close it. You can also use a clothespin for this.

You can see that at the bottom of the picture at the top of this page.

Now all I do is open the bottom and dump the Japanese beetles in a bucket with water and dish soap. This will kill the few that are still alive in a matter of minutes.

What Are Japanese Beetles?

When I first saw these beetles I had to find what they were and if you wonder how they look here is a picture.

They are about the size of a regular beetle and hard to catch. I read that you can try to catch them in a bowl filled with water and dish soap.

I tried that last year but when they sense you they just let themself drop off the leave they are on and they are gone.

I highly recommend this Japanese beetle trap and I advise you to order an extra pheromone package for the next season or as a backup

Eddie Aiken

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