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Our kitchen product reviews look at products we all use or and that will make our life easier. Useful and affordable.

Easy Jar Opener

Easy Jar Openers

Using an easy jar opener like a rubber jar opener or some type of easy twist jar opener tool is sometimes a necessity. I ran into those hard to open jars or even screw bottle caps and started looking into…

Pizza Stone Reviews

Pizza srone reviews

  We decided to have a look at and do a pizza stone review after reading that many people use them for their home made pizzas and were very happy with the results. What is a pizza stone A pizza…

Zojirushi Electric Grill Review

top 5 electric indoor grills

  This brand is not very known but we did the Zojirushi electric grill review because they are very good and the people who use them are giving them pretty high ratings. We have found two models that we found…