lava Heat Italia lHI Embermini Tabletop Heater

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Rating: 4.7 Reviewed by Eddie


lave heat LHI-embermini table top patio heaterAlthough a little higher priced this table top patio heater received a 4.7 star rating our of 5 stars.
This lava heat italia ember mini tabletop heater comes with a lot of nice features and here are the things we noticed first.

  • 6 hours on one tank
  • Adjustable flame height
  • Easy start button

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Lets have a better look at this tabletop patio heater

Features of the Lav Heat Italia LHL Embermini

  • 10.000 BTU
  • Nice bronze finish
  • Single piece steel grill around the flame
  • gastank fits in base


11x11x34 inches with a 19.1 LBS weight.
Available in gun metal and heritage bronze.
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Customer reviews of the Napoleon Table top patio heater

In this price range it is normal no to see a whole lot of people who leave reviews unless they are disappointing.
Since we already stated that this table top heater received a lot of 4 and 5 ratings out of 5 stars this only tells us again that you get what you pay for in many cases.
We just noticed that there are more buyers for the Heritage bronze than for the gun metal colored heater.
Technically they are the same and it is just a personal preference and depends on the decorum of your patio.
Since all ratings are high we could not find any negative reviews.
Most liked was the portability and the fact that it gives of enough heat. The cool touch feature of the outside was also mentioned as a nice feature compared to the cheaper brands and models.

Our opinion about the Lava Heat Embermini

With no negative comments from buyers I think we can recommend this Lava Heat Italia Embermini as a very good buy.
If we find more reviews that are less high we will add them here later.

Table top patio heater advice and tips

Hose for patio heaterLike mentioned we think hooking it up to a larger tank is an option that a lot of people use.
The hose we use our-self for our grill we can recommend as a very high quality hose and we have it now for a few year with no problem. Click here to to see the price.
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