lego walkie talkies

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Lego Walkie Talkie set

What more fun can you have as a kid than to play with a Walkie Talkie set.

lego walkie talkie

Kids love to play with their LEGO bricks. Now there are 2-way radio sets with a  cool Lego design. They can stay connected to their friends or you up to a mile away.
Look at your kids while they play with this nice-looking set of radios. I remember when I was a kid that I always loved to play with my walkie talkies. We played soldier, rescue members and never got bored.

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I found over 70 reviews of the walkie talkies and here are the results.

  • 5 star:      37
  • 4 star:      13
  • 3 star:      1
  • 2 star:      4
  • 1 star:      18

Playing and loving them.

That is something I read in many reviews.
Even younger kids, once they figured out the buttons, can use and play with them.

Technical aspects

They overall get a good score on clarity and reach.
There is no trouble with interference and distance.
Although someone mentioned hearing things like taxis, they did not seem to hear them.


Batteries will last if you turn the set of when not in use.
Uses AAA batteries, cheaper than the 9 volts, but see my recommendation about batteries

Not a Lego product. It just has the print on it.

Since it has the print on it and Lego is a trademark, they have to be approved by the Lego Company as far as I know.
Lego will not put its name on a bad product.

Some remarks I read

  • Lego sign is not a sticker but a real imprint
  • Hit of the holiday season
  • Got them on sale, but would pay the full price. Better than more expensive walkie talkies.
  • Have been thrown, dropped, and buried under a ton of other toys, but still works after a year.

18 times a  1 star why?

Some did not work and had to be returned/replaced, and that is disappointing on Christmas day…
I think a lot of people expect the quality of a professional set, but this still is a toy of course

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Battery use of the Lego Walkie Talkie

A note about the battery use:
Although it seems that most people are pretty happy with the purchase of the Lego Walkie Talkie, I have read some reviews with a complaint about the battery running down fast.
My personal advice is always to buy rechargeable batteries for any electronic battery-operated device. It will save you money in the long run.

Walkie talkie on

Lego walkie-talkies are not just for sale on Amazon, but I prefer to use Amazon because of its good reputation and return policy. In case of a problem, there are usually no questions asked and you will get a refund of your money.

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