Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36 Review

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Rating: 3.7 Reviewed by Eddie


Motorola baby monitor mbp36Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36 with remote wireless Video with 3.5-Inch Color LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision and Remote Camera Pan, Tilt, and Zoom as the original product name is.
This Motorola baby monitor MBP36 works on the 2.4 GHz and uses wireless technology. The 3.5 inch screen with infrared vision and also reads the temperature in the baby’s room.

Read the review of the Motorola mbp36

Amazon Rating: 3.7

Customer review of the Motorola mbp36

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“Ok, I have a type “A” personailty and I reserched the heck out of several monitors. I have been shopping around for the “perfect” monitor for months buying and returning until I have found what I want. (My son is 6 months old) I have tried several brands/types of video monitors such as Sony, Summer Infant monitors, and a Costco brand that can be used via the internet and Iphone/Ipad2. This Motorola monitor is the BEST that I have found. Money was not an issue for me as I wanted a video/audio monitor that just worked well. I do recommend spending a little more and buying the 3.5 inch monitor….

“Motorola really listened to what parents wanted and needed when they created the MBP 36. This unit has many outstanding features (pan, tilt and zoom camera, night vision, lullabies you can play into the baby’s room, two-way communication, etc.) that make viewing your baby easy and fun, however, the best feature is the beep free camera. If you have tried any baby monitors, you will know a lot of them beep when you turn on the camera. If you are trying to lay your child down for a nap or bed time and you don’t have the camera turned on, you run the risk of waking up your child. This unit does not have this problem. You can power up the camera at anytime and there is no beep, noise, sound, etc. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone who is in need of a baby monitoring device…..(read more here: Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36 Review)”

Pros and Cons of the Motorola monitor

Here are the pro’s we found that were mentioned most.
large, easy to us. The pictures in both daytime and night vision are very good. The sound and talk back on both units is good. The ability to add additional cameras. Lullaby and alarm work as advertised.
Here are the top cons for this Motorola MBP36. Read some remarks about the charger not being to great and failing after a while. Read our tips form real users about this issue.
Customer service receives some good ratings as long as the product is in the warranty period. After that you are basically out of luck.



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Our opinion of the digital Motorola mbp36

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1247 Customer reviews and an average rating of 3.7 seems a pretty good score. But like always I like to look at the low ratings first to see if somethings are returning complains.
It seems to me that the low ratings are most caused by the Motorola mbp36 baby monitor stop working after a short period. I read comments between right away and 7 months. This is of-course a disappointing experience, but that is why there is a one year warranty. Like always we recommend returning any product that does not work the way it should.
With about 73% of the ratings going to a 5,4 and 3 star rating I believe the Motorola mbp36 is a good buy.
The price is a little high, but most of the time you get what you pay for.
Overall this baby Motorola baby monitor gets great reviews and most people are happy with it an would recommend it to friends and family.
You can read our how to choose the right baby monitor article here for some tips.


Tips from real users

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Tips we found from real users
After resetting the monitor and camera for 20 minutes (unplug and turn off), this resets the software and I was able to reset the system.
Bought the Enercell 800mA 6 Volt adapter at Radio Shack along with an “A” adaptaplug, and it is working properly to charge the unit and it’s not turning on or freezing or doing anything strange


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Eddie Aiken

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