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outdoor-tv-coversThe outdoor TV covers reviews we did here show that the TV enclosure as some people call it is a must-have for the flat-screen TV you use outdoors.
We have tried to find the top-rated outdoor TV covers and we looked at all available sizes.

You will understand that it is impossible to review every size and brand. We looked at the best outdoor TV covers in a variety of sizes and will provide you with links to where to get them for the best prices we found.

Outdoor TV Covers 30 – 32 inches

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This outdoor TV cover is beige and weatherproof and will fit 30 to 32-inch LCD, LED, and Plasma tvs.
Can be used with any standard mount and comes with a built-in storage compartment for your remote control.
Also available in 8 other sizes from 22″ to 70″

outdoor tv cover 30 to 32 inches
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customer reviews for this outdoor TV coverAs you can see in the customer ratings on the left there is not much wrong with this TV cover.

Will protect your big screen TV from all weather conditions and you can store your remote in the built-in pocket.

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Outdoor TV Covers 40 – 42 inches

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This Khomo Gear is a well-known brand for outdoor furniture and patio accessories and this weatherproof outdoor TV cover fits your 40 – 42 inch screen TV very well.
The cover measures 26.5 x 42 x 5 inches and will fit about every wall mount. The stitches are reinforced and this will make the cover keep its shape and even look good on your patio or deck. A 40-inch led TV cover is one of the most looked for sizes

40 to 42 inch outdoor TV covers
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40 - 42 inch outdoor TV enclosures These customer ratings will show you that this is a very good quality outdoor TV enclosure for your TV.

Most wall mounts will have no problem with this and what I like is that the form stays and this looks a little nicer in my opinion.

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Outdoor TV Covers 50 – 52 inches

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This is a black outside TV cover for your TV and is also from the Khomo Gear company and like I wrote in the 40 till 42 inches above this company has a very good reputation.
This outdoor TV covers 55 is also available in all other sizes from 22″ to 70″

outdoor television cover 50 till 52 inches
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50 - 52 inches TV enclosure
The Khomo 50 to 52 inches cover for your outdoor TV offers very good protection against all kinds of weather.
The Velcro on the back side wraps perfectly around the bracket for even better protection.
The used canvas is of very high quality and is still not bulky like some other covers I have seen.
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Outdoor TV Covers 60 – 65 inches

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This Made in America 60 to 65 inch TV cover is a little higher in price but made in the USA.
It also got a very high customer rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 to give.
It will work well on free-standing TVs that have a swing bracket. What got the most positive reviews was the inside that is made of flees and will protect your TV from scratches. 60 inch TV covers are becoming popular now more people like a large TV for outdoors

60 to 65 inches outdoor TV covers
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60 to 60 inch outdoor TV cover
Click on the picture above for the priceMade in the USA instead of made in China. This cover got some very high ratings and after reading a ton of comments I can only agree with these ratings. The Velcro on the back side will fit perfectly over the brackets for even better protection. I read one comment from someone who had this cover for over 4 years without any problems.
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More Outdoor TV Covers

If you have not decided yet if one of the above outdoor television covers is the one you need then we have more options here. Type in the search box to find the one you need.

There are more and more people who like to have a TV on their patio or deck. But with the weather you really need a TV cover for outdoor use or like some people call them an all-weather TV cover. Most important is to choose one that fits your screen of course and is made of some high-quality material.

Outside TV covers need to be chosen very carefully because the wrong choice can ruin your flat-screen TV. After all, we are working with sensitive electronics, and as we all know water and electronics do not get along. A few drops of rainwater or even moisture trapped inside the TV can ruin it already.
it is very important to choose an outdoor waterproof TV cover that is pretty simple. Reading customer reviews can help you with this choice.

If you are picky, and why shouldn’t you, there are also decorative TV covers available although most of them are made for indoor TV covers.

FAQ About Outdoor TV Covers

We found some questions people have about the use of an outdoor TV cover and also found most of the answers to these questions.

Q: Does an outside TV cover really work?
A: Yes, The TV cover will protect your TV and it will last just as long as your indoor TV

Q: How do I use an outdoor TV cover?
A: We have found a nice video that shows how most Outside TV covers work.

Q: Can I use a larger cover?
A: Yes that will work just as well. It will not be just as snug of course.

Q: How can I clean my TV cover?
A: Most of the time you can just remove the cover from the TV and clean it with a mix of mild soap and warm water.

If you have any other questions about all-weather TV covers as we talked about here, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to find the answer for you.

Outdoor flat-screen TV covers are just one of the products we look at in our Garden category.

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