Ozeri Pronto Scale Review

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Rating: 4.5 – Reviewed by Eddie
ozeri pronto reviewThe full description of the Ozeri Pronto scale is that it is a Digital Multifunctional Kitchen and Food scale. The Ozeri pronto scale review will tell you all there is to know about this digital kitchen scale.
This scale runs on 2 triple A batteries that are included in the package and can be installed without the need of a screwdriver.
Comes in the three colors Black, Red and Silver.



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Amazon Rating: 4.5


About the Ozeri Pronto Scale

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Multifunctional means several thing for the Ozeri Pronto. The 11 lbs max can be displayed in ounces, pounds, kilograms and grams. Because of the 0.05 graduation it can also be used as a scale for weighing postal items. They claim that the scale has on of the larges platform in its class. Comes with 2 sets batteries and 1 year full warranty.
We start of with a few snippets of customer reviews for the Ozeri Pronto and than dig a little deeper in all the features.

Customer reviews of the Ozeri Pronto scale

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With over 2400 customer reviews it was easy to find a description that fits our findings.

“I purchased this scale primarily to weigh coffee beans prior to milling so the 1 gram resolution was important. The scale works like a charm – easy to use, very accurate (as verified by known weights) and flexible in terms of the units (grams, ounces, pounds and ML). The Tare function is automatic if you power the scale up with the cup/dish on the weighing platform which simplifies zeroing it out. It is small enough that storage is easy.
Since the scale is so versatile, we’ve used it for many other weighing tasks that fit within the 11 pound weight limit such as postal and other non-food items.
The scale is very attractive and it comes with two sets of batteries which is a nice touch.
Highly recommended. …(read more here: Ozeri Pronto Review)”

“As a volunteer with an animal rescue organization…we rescue a variety of cats and orphaned kittens. As such, it’s critical to monitor the weight of kittens to ensure they are developing at an optimal rate. This scale is fabulous! Weight can be measured in ounces or grams and can weigh items up to 11 lbs. In addition, the TARE function allows you to put the contents of what you want to weigh in a bowl (or similar container) and it automatically subtracts the weight of the bowl.
This is a high quality, light weight, accurate scale that also happens to be very nice looking and a great value! …(read more here: Ozeri Pronto Review)”

Pro’s and Con’s of the Ozeri Pronto digital scale



  • Tare function
  • Grams/Ounces switching is great for diets because calories are mostly printed by grams
  • Can be used for calculating postage
  • Very accurate
  • Easy to read screen

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  • Platform looks stainless steel but is plastic
  • No back-lit display
  • Not easy to see if grams or ounces are chosen

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Summary of what we think of the Ozeri Pronto Digital kitchen scale

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There is a saying that you get what you pay for and in the case of the Ozeri Pronto I think you get more than you pay for.
This digital kitchen scale (why would you even use a analog anymore?) works real accurate and does what it is intend to do.
Some remarks were that the grams went in increments of 2 grams, but I only read that one time.
Another person mentioned that it is made of plastic and that is why they send it back.
This scale is priced very descent and I think it is a good value for the price you pay for it.
The Grams reading is very much liked by people who weigh their food to see how high the calorie intake is.
Most labels you read give the calories per so many grams and most of the time not in ounces.
I have not read all the over 2400 reviews but I scanned through all of them to find more negative points.
I was not able to find to many.
Occasionally someone got the “lemon” and had to return it, but I could not find that to much.
The left button toggles between measurements and the right button toggles power and the tare weight feature and that seems to work like a charm.
The auto off function got some remarks of turning of to fast, but I think that just has to do with how you use it.
If you have to chop something and want to add it while chopping it can turn of before you add more.
My advice to chop first as much as you think you need in a separate bowl and than add it to the bowl on the scale.
Many people like the Tare function while they are adding different ingredients.
Just measure what you need. press the tare button and weight the next item.
One big pro is that it also reads negative.
If you made a mistake measuring and you have used the tare to set to 00 again all you have to do it put it back on the scale and start scooping out and it will start to read negative.
I guess if you are in need of a very accurate scale that weighs 100% accurate all the time it is better to look for a better (read: lot higher priced) scale. The Ozeri Pronto works great for the average and more experienced cooks
Overall the Ozeri Pronto comes highly recommended and offers a lot of bangs for the bucks you pay for it. A nice extra is that it comes with an extra set of batteries.

Tips on how to use the Ozeri Pronto scale

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  • Before every use don’t forget to push the Tare button to start out on 0
  • Test it and if you think its no good for you return it.

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