Pancake Air Compressor Reviews

pancake air compressor reviews Small and portable are two of the main features of a pancake air compressor and make them so popular to use at home or in construction.
We will do pancake air compressor reviews of the top brands and compare them on their main components.

In these reviews we will look at maintenance, durability, capacity, weight and many other specs to give you all the information to pick the one that fits your needs.

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Here you can find the ones we think deserve to have a good look at and came highly recommended by many users.

Bostitch pancake compressor

BOSTITCH BTFP02011Bostitch is a well know brand when it comes to pancake compressors. There are 2 popular models.

  • Bostitch BFT02011 6 gallon oil free
  • Bostitch BTFP72646 3- tool compressor combo kit
    <== Click on the picture to see the price on amazon.
    I have been trying to find the difference in the compressors of both models, but as far as I can see it is the same compressor.
    If you would like to save money on the 2 nailers and stapler you should go for the combo kit. This will save you about $125 total if you would buy them separately or later.
    If you have no need for them go for the compressor by itself.
    I have looked at the nailers and the stapler in the comments and they seem to perform pretty good.
    The compressor comes with a water drain valve and that is, in my opinion, a very important feature.
    Read our full in-depth review of the Bostitch pancake compressor here.
    <== Click on the picture to see the price on Amazon.

    Amazon Rating: 4.2


    Porter-Cable pancake compressor

    porter cable pancake compressorSince we do not try to compare apples with pears we will focus on the 6 gallon Porter Cable C2002 Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor.
    Although the rating with only 3.8 stars is not too high we don’t think that should stop us from reviewing it.
    <== Click on the picture to see the price on Amazon.
    compared to the Bostitch you will also get the 150 that the Bostitch gives you.
    For the rest, it is also 6 gallons and oil-free and comes with the by us recommended water drain valve and the rubber feet under the unit.
    Even the weight is with its 32 lbs about the same
    Read our full in depth review of the Porter Cable pancake compressor here.

    Amazon Rating: 3.8

    More reviews of 6 gallon pancake compressors will be added here !!
    the next one will problaby be the:

    porter-cable pcfp02003 3.5-gallon 135 psi pancake compressor

    Many people look for a good porter cable pcfp02003 review.


    Pancake compressor tips and information

    Oil-free, like most pancake compressors, are, Does not means that there is no oil in the unit. It means that oil does not leave the compressor with the air so you do not need an oil separator. The oil separator is sealed inside the unit.
    Most units have a tank at the bottom and the compressor motor on top for stability.
    It is common that they have rubber feet to reduce the vibration of the unit and prevent it from damaging the floor.

  • Before you buy a pancake compressor make sure it has a water drain valve at the bottom of the tank.
    If not I would consider looking at another model or brand. Water in the tank can make it rust.
    Most tanks are coated with paint or coated with epoxy to prevent them from rusting, but with a water drain will make it last a lot longer.

    What is an pancake air compressor

    I found this question a few times and like to explain here what they are.
    If you look at a pancake it is round and kind of thin. The compressors are built like that. Round and a little flat instead of the ones that are shaped like a propane tank. The benefit of them is their lightweight because of the smaller tank capacity compared to other models.

    Maintenance of a pancake compressor

    Although there is not too much maintenance to do there still are a few things to check.

    • Makes sure to use the water drain daily to prevent rust on the inside of the tank.
    • Check cables and hoses for leaks

    extra tanks for any air compressor

    Compressed air tanks are painted or epoxy coated on the inside. never use a propane tank as an extra tank. They are not coated and will rust fast because of the water in compressed air. This can be extremely dangerous.

    Synthetic oil for air compressors

    I was just wondering why they use synthetic oil and not regular oil in an air compressor like the pancake compressors we review here. After digging into some boring scientific articles I came up with this answer.

    Synthetic oils have a better stability because of the esters and this will reduce viscosity build-up and reduces the formation of sludge.
    They also have lower operating temperatures and since the portable air compressors are also used in the cold temperatures this improves the overall performance and lifetime.

    In a test, they have let compressors run for over 8000 hours and then took them apart and found no residue in the motors.
    The same compressor required an petroleum-based oil change every 500 hours.

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