Presto Cool Touch Electric Griddle – The Top 5

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Reviewed by Eddie
The Presto cool touch griddles are a very popular indoor electric grill and used by many people. There are a few models that we will review here that are very affordable and offer great value. An electric griddle can be used for a variety of cooking many types of food. From breakfast with pancakes, eggs or bacon to a nice grilled sandwich for breakfast and of course to grill some meat, fish or poultry at night for dinner. Great for hamburger and hotdogs.

Top 5 Presto Cool Touch Electric Griddles

We have looked at the 5 most popular models that received good rating from real buyers to help you find a Presto cool touch electric griddle that fits you budget and your style of cooking. In our electric griddle buying advise we were not always able to find the best one so we offer you multiple companies to buy from.

Presto 07037

Presto 07037 electric griddle

The Presto 07037 jumbo electric griddle is highly recommended by many users and we have found over 260 people who gave this griddle an average of 4.5 stars

The measurements are 10.5 x 20.5 inches and it made of quality aluminum. In combination with the non stick grill surface it is guaranteed to cook you some great food.

The controller works great and keeps the temperature of the grill surface to what you heave set it to. This grill can be purchased from several seller and the link will take you to all of them and you can pick the best price and safe some hard earned dollars.


Presto 07030

Presto 07030 cool touch electric griddle

The Presto 07030 cool touch is warp proof thanks to the sturdy aluminum that is of a very good quality. This griddle comes with a small edge that help you flip or take of food easier

Just like all the other models this cool touch also comes with the heat controller that have been used for a long time and that will ensure a flawless operating for a long time.

I could not find to many problems with the temperature control unit in all the over 520 comments I read
The non-stick surface makes this griddle great to cook all kind of food without the use of or with just a little oil if you prefer that.
That is probably one of the reasons this grill received an average of 4.6 stars by the users.







Presto 07047

Presto 07047 coll touch electric griddle

Looking at th Presto 07047 griddle I like the fact that you can stick the whole thing in the sink to clean it and if you want you can also put it in the dishwasher. This is what I call easy cleaning.

The pretty size drip tray comes out very easy and can be reached from the front to make it even easier.

The heavy duty casted aluminum frame in combination with the non stick cooking area makes this electric griddle very sturdy and it will not move around the counter top where you have it sitting.








Presto 09020

presto 09020cool touch electric griddle

The presto 0902 cool touch electric grill

This griddle is actually more a grill than a griddle and it can not be use to cook breakfast. This kind of limits the use but it is special designed indoor grill to help you cook some great meat or veggies indoor when grilling out door is not possible

The ribs on the surface and the little tilted design moves the grill away from the food you have on it and grills it with heat and does not cook it in its own grease like some other indoor electric grill do.

Reason enough to find an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from almost 300 people who use this indoor grill almost every day like they say.

This presto 09020 will fit in most dishwashers and that makes it easy to clean It also fits in a standard kitchen cabinet for easy storing




presto 07047

Presto 07047 cool touch electric griddle

This is number 5 in our Presto cool touch review but we can also say that last it not least. The Presto 07047 is a pretty size griddle with its 10.5 x 16 inch surface.

Like all others the premium surface is non stick and very durable. I like this one also because it is easy to clean by sticking it in the sink or in the dishwaser with no problems.

1300 Watts is a lot of power for this griddle and in combination with its size both these features makes it a great item for all you meals for a larger family.
I found that someone even used it on the campground since it was so easy to use and clean.




Electric griddle benefits

Although an electric griddle is not essential it can make life in the kitchen a lot easier and even healthier.
We all know that cooking in vegetable oil is not the most healthy way to cook. There are even publications that mention that the trans fat in these oil are in fact very unhealthy and it is better to use old fashioned lard for cooking.

This is an other reason to cook our meat as lean as we can and an electric griddle can help us with that. The fact that the fat and grease will be kept away from the food we cook makes it clear that we cook with the heat of the griddle and not with the grease and fat on its surface.

By doing this we ensure that what we cook on the griddle does not soak up any grease while it is cooking and this means that we do not ingest it.
This is in my opinion one of the benefits and reasons people look for where to buy an indoor electric griddle. The word indoor does not mean that we can not use it outdoors. As long as we use the right extension cords and a GFI outlet we are good to go.

An indoor griddle can become very hot so keep an eye on children and set it as far away from the counter-top edge as you can to keep it out of their reach.
Be careful with water around this griddle. Electricity and water are sworn enemies and should be kept separate at all times.

Cleaning any indoor grill or griddle most of the time requires it to cool of. There are however people who like to wipe them down with a damp cloth or paper towel to get most of the grease of first. Then after it cooled of they mention that it is easier to clean the remaining grease.

i hope you enjoyed this Presto electric indoor griddle reviews and if you purchase on through out link I want to thank you for helping me keeping this blog going and keep writing product reviews for you.

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