Pruning Shears

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pruning shear and scissors
Here you will find a link to all the pruning shears and pruning scissors we reviewed for your convenience.


Fiskars hand prunersWe review the top 5 Fiskars hand pruners here in random order. The average rating can be used as a guide of the quality, but we found out that this is not always the case. A lower rating does not always automatic mean a lesser quality.

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  • Friskars 9921 softouch
  • Friskars PowerGear
  • Fishkars traditional
  • Friskars professional 9124
  • Fiskars power gear softgrip
    felco pruners reviewsFelco is another top brand pruner that we will review here. We took the top 3 this time, but might be adding more Felco pruners.
    We also reviewed a Felco holster to keep your pruner with you and protected from it sharp blades.

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  • Felco F-2 classic
  • Felco F-6 Classic for small hands
  • Felco F-8 ergonomic
  • Fiskars 9921 holster
  • More Felco pruners