Top 5 Electric Indoor Grills

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I have done research to do the top 5 electric indoor grills reviews. I like to help you find the one that is best for the number of people in your house hold, you way of cooking and your budget.
The features and all other specification took me us a long time to read and compare. There seems to be that most manufacturers like to hide all the little details that we think are important for you to know. Show you all the things I found will need a lot more room, but I am convinced that these are the top rated indoor electric grills with the highest customer ratings.
We have looked at many features and the top 5 is in random order.

Read our Top Five Electric Indoor Grill Reviews


Delonghi bg24 Perfecto Indoor Grill

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This Delonghi does not need to much introduction. This is without doubt the most popular indoor grill we could find and that is why we put it on here first.
Better Priced Online Rating – 4.2



Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor Flavor and Searing grill

Hamilton Beach 23560 indoor electric grill
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This Hamilton Beach did not receive as many reviews but it still had almost 400.
Better Priced Online Rating – 4.6



George Foreman GRP1060B Removable plate – 4serving grill

George Foreman PrtP1060B removable plate 4 serving grill
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George Foreman grills have been around for many years and there are tons of people who love them and their quality. Affordable and a number one seller in many stores.
Better Priced Online Rating – 4.3



Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler

Cuisinart GR 4N 5 in 1 electric griddler
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Cuisinart is a brand we could not leave out or top 5 even if we wanted it. 5 ways to use this versatile griddle and the adjustable temperature control is one of the most liked features.
Better Price Online Rating – 4.4



Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill

Zojitushi EB CC15 Indoor electric grill
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This brand is not to well known but received some great reviews from a lot of people. Came highly recommended for grilling steaks. The temperature can be controlled and is all non stick and cool handles for safe indoor grilling. The easy to clean and assembling in combination with the face that the drip tray could be washed in the dishwasher made many people gave it a high rating.
Better Priced Online Rating – 4.4

Could not find a video of the Zojirushi that I thought would give you more information about this grill, but we will keep trying to find one.

We will keep reviewing and updating our indoor grill reviews and you can find them in our Kitchen category.
All the brands indoor grills we review are well know and respected brands. Unless we find some real good ratings of the more unknown brands we mostly recommend the more known brand since they have a reputation to keep up with.
Not saying that other brands are bad and we have seen ratings that were even higher than the brands we have looked at.

Indoor grilling and safety

We all know that we can not use our outdoor grill inside. The charcoal and gas will fill our house with large amounts of carbon monoxide and it is well know that this will kill us.
Grilling indoor means that you have to pay attention and can not leave the grill unattended. You got to realize that you are inside and if something goes wrong the result can be devastating.

One tip is to cut as much fat of your meat to prevent a lot of smoke because it is simple: The less fat, the less smoke.

Although this is not because you are going to use a indoor electric grill it is highly recommended to have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

Most indoor electric grill do not have a lot of mass in their grilplates. That is they reason heat up fast and also cool of fast.
This means that the temperature will go up and down when the grill cycles of and on.

Enjoy our top 5 indoor electric grill review and find the one that suits your situation the best. If you need more options to choose from have a look at the best indoor electric grills we could find for you.

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