VacMaster VWM510 Wall Mount Review

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Rating: 4.6 Reviewed by Eddie
vacmaster vwm510 wall mount reviewThis VacMaster vwm510 wall mount wet/dry vacuum is powered by an industrial 5 HP motor and features a 5 gallon tank and a remote control.
With a 20 foot cord and the option to take it of the wall and use it as a kind of shopvac this vacmaster vwm51 wall nount wet/dry garage vacuum cleaner can be used in several ways.

Review of the VacMaster vwm510 wall mount wet/dry 5 gallon garage vacuum cleaner


Consumer ratings

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Amazon Rating: 4.6

Ratings are based on 159 customer reviews. Here are the numbers. 73% 5 stars, 19% 4 stars, 3% 3 stars, 3% 2 stars and 2% 1 star. See the our opinion on how I interpreted these nummbers

Consumer Reviews

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“I can’t get over how amazing this shop-vac is. I love having it mounted to the wall and wrapping the hoses around the unit when it’s not in use. Reminds me of those professional carwash places. There is plenty of attachments for this vacuum that already come with it and I really can’t see why you would need anymore attachments. The also feel very durable. I don’t think I will even use all of these different attachments. There is also different filters, one for dry and one for wet. They really give you a lot of stuff with this. It even has a nice long plug wire so you don’t have to mount it right on top of an outlet or use extension cords….(read more here: Vacmaster wall mount)”

“Good Suction. It doesn’t suck as hard as the big units at the local Self Carwash Station, but for under $100, I have no complaints. It will pick up dirt and rocks from your carpets. I like the long electric cord and the vacuum hose will reach all the spots in my SUV without have to move the unit around too much. It seems to be targeted toward car enthusiasts so the attachments are very useful for cleaning out vehicles. The 90 degree attachement with the wireless on off button seems to be too bulky and gets in the way. I don’t use it most of the time. But I can see it would be useful if you were using it in a shop or wood working setup. Overall this was a good purchase on my part….(read more here: VacMaster vwm 510 review)”

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Our opinion about the VacMaster VWM510

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After reading about this vacmaster vwm 510 on a lot of sites and forums we can come to the conclusion that it a pretty good buy for the money you pay for it.
The blower function comes in very handy and the large on/off switch gets quit a few good recommendations.
With its empty weight of 26 pounds it can be a little hard to get of the wall mount and when there is water in the container it can even be harder.
It is in the top 10 of wet/dry vacuums and that is not easy because it had to compete with a large number of high profiled brands. The number 1 and 2 star ratings always get a lot of attention by me because they might have found something other users have not found yet. Mot of the low ratings I read where about low air flow and the remote control on the hose.
But there were only a few complaints about that and like we always recommend is that you check the products as soon as you can and send it back if you think you are not happy or think you received a faulty product.
Overall I think we can recommend this wall mount vacuum cleaner as good buy.
Like we mentioned that is has a place in the top 10 and that is not easy to accomplish in this competitive product category.
The box contains everything you need and comes with all kind of useful accessories that can be stored on the vacuum cleaner.
There is a 10 foot flexible hose and a 11 foot more stiffer hose that can be connected and so form a 21 foot hose.
vacmaster attachments Overview picture of all attachments of the VacMaster


Video of the Vacmaster vwm 510 in action

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More Pictures of the Vacmaster vwm 510
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vacmaster wall mount hose






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Tips from real users

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Put some wheels under a piece of plywood and use that to wheel the vacuum cleaner around when used of the wall.
The air filter is sometimes hard to find in a local store so maybe order on extra while placing your order. Although the filter does not have to changed out to much.

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