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What Are Pros and Cons of Ceramic Cookware

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What Are Pros and Cons of Ceramic Cookware

I have been writing about ceramic cookware a few times and I realize that I never mentioned all the pros and cons of it in any of my other post.

I have written of what I think is the best ceramic cookware brand in my Xtrema cookware reviews and this is a good starting point to find all the pros and cons since this brand has a lot of pros compared to other brands.

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There are several pros to mention and to make it easier I have added them in a list below

  • Non stick
  • Non toxic
  • Easy to clean
  • Scratch free


There are also cons of ceramic cookware and I put these also in a list

  • Durability
  • Slow to heat up
  • Hot and cold spots
  • no metal utensils

As you can read there are, in my opinion, more pros than cons for using ceramic cookware in the kitchen. The most important one compared to the non stick surface of other pots and pans is that it is free from any chemical.

This means that there is no chemical coating like PTFOA or things like that in the surface. These chemicals can leach in your food and have a negative impact on your health.

I hope that with this mentioning of a number of pros and cons of ceramic cookware you can make the decision of changing out your pots and pans is a good choice for you.

Eddie Aiken

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