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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Online


Question: Is buying online save? I hear so much about identity theft.
Answer:Buying on line is just as safe as buying at your regular stores. Never give more information than you have to, and never give your social security number. Just like in any other situation.

Question: The products are so much cheaper. Is there a Quality difference?
Answer: Because internet or online store have lower over head expenses their prices are usually lower then in a normal store.

Question: Why should I buy On line and not in a regular store ?
Answer: Buying on line gives you lower prices and safe a lot of time. It is easy to look at the product you are thinking of buying any time of the day.

Question: What if the product is not good or broken
Answer: The return policy of the stores we recommend are just as good or maybe even better then regular stores. Most of the time there is no fee to return a faulty product

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