Gowise usa pressure cooker

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gowise usa pressure cooker

Rating: 4.0 Reviewed by Eddie
The Gowise USA Pressure cooker review shows they come in the sizes 4 and 6 quarts and it is just a personal choice depending on how large of quantities you are cooking if you should go for the 4 or 6-quart version. The technical aspects are the same for both.
There is a pressure regulating knob to go from low to high pressure and we will discuss this feature later.
The cooking pot is made out of aluminum and has a Teflon non-stick coating.
If you prefer a Stainless steel cooking pot you can buy that here. ==> Stainless steel 6 quart cooking pot <== In this Gowise USA 6 in 1 pressure cooker review we will discuss all the pros and cons of this electric digital pressure cooker.


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Read everything we found out about the Gowise pressure cooker and why we gave it the rating we think reflects the real facts.

Our Rating: 4.0


Gowise USA pressure cooker features

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  • Brown rice, White rice
  • Meat/stew
  • Beans
  • Saute, brown
  • Steamer, slow cooker
  • Pressure cooker

Altogether it has 10 pre-settings and this makes me wonder why to call it a 6 in 1 at first but then I looked at the possible use and you can use it as 6 devices. Steamer, rice cooker, saute, slow cooker, warmer, and pressure cooker.
The temperatures are basically 4. around 350 for browning and sauteing, pressure cooking goes from 240 to 246 and the slow cooker is about 180 degrees. The warm-hold temperature is around 130.
I had to dig deep but found that it is 1000 Watts.


Gowise USA material

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The Gowise USA is made out of a stainless steel outer body and the lid is also made of stainless steel.
The cooking pot is made of aluminum with a nonstick Teflon coating. If you prefer a stainless steel cooking pot look at the link in the intro we made to one on Amazon.
All together it seemed to be made pretty durable and we found no complaints about the uses of materials


Gowise USA safety features

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The Gowise pressure cooker is ETL approved and this means that it is tested and approved safe to be sold in America and Canada.
ETL stands for Electrical Testing Laboratories and if you would like to read more here is a nice article. ETL approved
The other safety measurements are a self-locking lid and antic blocking cage for the pressure safety valve. This means that the pressure release safety valve never can get blocked by food particles.


Customer reviews of the Gowise 6 in 1

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“Received this as a wedding present from my sister. This now makes my fourth pressure cooker. One is an antique, one is used as a canner and the other one works beautifully on my induction cook top. I used this one for the first time. I did a pot roast. I was able to sauté the mirepoix and then add the roast and put it under pressure on the meat setting which timed it perfectly. Then I released the pressure and added the potatoes and brought it back up to pressure on the veggie setting,
This is a well made machine and is easy to use…

“I really like it and have made two recipes so far with it and my family enjoyed everything. I would give 5 stars but I have had real difficulty getting the lid on and “locked”. It might be operator error on my part and perhaps I will “get” it all at once and be able to make it work quickly.
I really love it, though. What a truly nice product. I am amazed at how quickly it cooked a pot roast recipe that I would have used the oven for four hours to do, it was great!…(read more here: More reviews)”

TIP! price here


Pros and cons of the Gowise USA electric pressure cooker

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Like always we do a full pressure cooker pros and cons for the Gowise USA electric pressure cooker to make it easy for you to decide if this is the right one for your style of cooking.
green-tick-buttonGowise USA pressure cooker Pros: 

  • Easy to program
  • Needs less liquid because it does not let of steam
  • Cuts cooking time in half
  • Can be used as a crock-pot
  • Electric is easier than stove top pressure cooker
  • No need to baby it. Set and forget

red-tick-buttonGowise USA pressure cooker Cons: 

  • Made in China
  • The lid is hard to close when new
  • Quality inspection before shipping is not to good
  • No stainless steel bow from the same company
  • Does not come with a cookbook
  • Customer service got some mixed ratings
  • No beeping signal after cooking is done


Our opinion of the Gowise USA pressure cooker

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The quality inspection before they leave the factory could be approved because we see a little higher return caused by faulty products than in other pressure cooker reviews.
The people who used it are pretty happy with it and gave the Gowise USA 6 in 1 a fairly good ratingFind the Price here



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  • Buy a pressure cooker cookbook with it.
  • Every pressure cooker comes with a learning curve. This one also
    More tips:
    A best practice is also to avoid you have to look for gowise pressure cooking troubleshooting is to follow the gowise USA pressure cooker manual that came with your purchase.
    This manual will tell you all about how to use gowise pressure cooker and answer all your questions.
    Read our ==> pressure cooker cookbook reviews <== to find the right one for your cooking   Read all our electric pressure cooker reviews here.


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