AZ Tabletop Patio Heater HL2

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Rating: 4.0 Reviewed by Eddie



AZ Patio Heaters HL2The full name is the AZ Patio Heaters HLDS032-B but for some reason, it is known under the name HL2.
Let us have a little closer look to see what this tabletop heater is all about.
the first things we noticed are:

  • 38 inch high
  • 3 versions available
  • 11.000 BTU
  • weight added for stability

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Let’s have a better look at this tabletop patio heater

Features of this AZ table top patio heater

  • Stainless steel finish
  • Weights 17.15 lbs
  • 20.8-inch base
  • Can be used in a screened-in porch


The measurements say 20.8 x 20.8 x 37.8 inches.
The base is round and almost 21 inches
The weight of his heater is 17.15 pounds without the propane tank installed.

Customer questions

here are some questions people asked online before purchasing this pyramid patio heater. We have included the ones we thought were most relevant for you.
Q: Can I use a 12 ft hose and bigger tank]
A: Yes you can hook it up to a bigger tank that way

Q: Can I use it indoors
A: No, this is an open flame and need ventilation

Q: How much heat does it give
A: Depending on the outside temperature

Q: Can I use it on a screened-in porch
A: Yes, if you have enough clearance
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Customer reviews of the AZ Table top patio heater

Az table top patio heater heat screenI read that someone thought it did not give enough heat on a winter night. People still think they can heat their whole patio with a patio heater in the winter. A patio heater is for cooler nights in the summer and maybe fall. Especially a tabletop heater will not provide as much heat as a 40.000 BTU standup patio heater.
Look at our Pyramid patio heater reviews if you need more heat output.
Back to the customer reviews. The opinions are a little mixed and like always I look at the lower ratings first.
Most of them complained about not enough heat output and a few about the assembling not being too clear in the description.
There are a lot of users that hook it up to a larger propane gas tank with a hose. Look at the bottom to see the hose we recommend for this purpose and use our-self on our grill. The reason is that the small canisters only last about an hour and a half.
Most people call this AZ tabletop patio heater okay for the money they paid for it.
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Our opinion about the AZ tabletop patio heater hldso32-b

After reading a ton of reviews and opinions from people who bought and used this tabletop patio heater from the AZ company there are a few things we have to mention that are not related to the product quality, but to the expectations some buyers have.
This type of heater is not to keep you warm on a winter day or night. It is for a cooler summer evening. Maybe in the south where the nights are not as cold, it will work more months than in the north.
Our opinion about this AZ heater is that is a pretty decent table top patio heater and will give you some warmth while sitting on your patio around the table or placed on a smaller side table.
Do not expect more than that. If you need more you have to invest in a larger patio heater.
In a screened-in porch however it is hard to use a large patio heater and then this one might be a better option.
Overall we have not read a lot of complaints about the quality and durability of the heater.
The stability is also good and no one mentioned any problem with that.
There were a few that mentioned that they think that if it was a little lower the heat could be felt better maybe.
Reason to keep it this height is that you can see under it and your view is not blocked by the heater on the table.
No major complaints about the stainless steel and discoloring.
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Table top patio heater advice and tips

Hose for patio heaterAs mentioned we think hooking it up to a larger tank is an option that a lot of people use.
The hose we use our-self for our grill we can recommend as a very high-quality hose and we have it now for a few years with no problem. Click here to see the price.



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Eddie Aiken

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