Fire Sense 61322 Table Top Heater

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Rating: 4.0 Reviewed by Eddie


fire sense table top heaterThe Fire Sense 61322 table top patio heater looks very nice and comes with a 1 lbs propane tank (not included). Order on right away, this makes it just easy to start. Lets have a little closer look at it and this is what we noticed right away.

  • Available in 2 versions
  • Piezo ignition
  • Very portable
  • Tilt safety feature

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Lets have a better look at this tabletop patio heater

Features of this AZ table top patio heater

  • Bronze or Stainless steel finish
  • 10.000 BTU
  • Auto shut off if tilted
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


The measurements says 34.6 x 20.9 x 13.4 inches.
The base is round and almost 21 inches
Weight of his heater is 17.15 pounds without the propane tank installed.

Customer questions

Q: can it be used in a screened in porch
A: yes. No problem

Q: How many hours on one tank
A: about 4 hours on the little green tanks

Q: Can you use a larger tank
A: Yes with an adapter hose

Q: How tall is it
A: 2.5 feet tall
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Customer reviews of the AZ Table top patio heater

fire sense 61322 ignition and base
The lower ratings complaint about that it does not give to much heat, but like we mentioned before a table top patio heater is just for cooler summer nights and not to keep you warm in the winter. Few complaints about it stopped working after a while and hard to lite.
Assembling seems to be pretty straightforward and not to many problems there. Some complaints about the reflector came bent in the package. The packaging itself was mentioned as well done and pretty good.
There was only one complaint from someone who cut his finger while inserting a new gas tank in the unit. So in my opinion this is not worth making an issues from.
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Our opinion about the Fire Sense 31322 tabletop patio heater

There are some issues with this heater that need some attention. It seems that it is not easy to start and it is my experience with propane gas products that you have to get the air out of the lines very good before it will ignite.
When you hook it up to a larger tank, and even the built in regulator, there is a safety device that will prevent gas to flow if it is activated. Only way to reset it is to turn the gas of and let the unit become without pressure. This might be the problem I read a few times with the flame not getting high enough.
This unit works great in a screened in porch like I read several times. In the open air however it will only give enough heat if the temperature is not too low and there is not too much wind.
Overall this unit has been rated a little lower than we think it deserves and we will rate it with 4 stars.
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Table top patio heater advice and tips

Hose for patio heaterLike mentioned we think hooking it up to a larger tank is an option that a lot of people use.
The hose we use our-self for our grill we can recommend as a very high quality hose and we have it now for a few year with no problem. Click here to to see the price.




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