Foscam FI8910W Review

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Rating: 4.1 – Reviewed by Eddie


Foscam F1890 Pan&Tilt camera
Foscam F1891W Wi-Fi infrared color video and image baby monitor.
Also available to shipping outside the USA.

Weighs 4 pounds and is number 2 in the security and category and also number 2 in the surveillance category on Amazon.

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Review of the Foscam baby monitor

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Amazon Rating: 4.1

This Foscam baby monitor has a 640×480 pixel resolution and a f2.4 infrared lens to give a bright picture in the dark.
It received a 4.1 star rating from over 5000 customers.

Customer Reviews of the Foscam F1890W”

“I’m giving this 4 stars because for the price, the video quality, sound quality and panning ability are hard to beat. It was a bit of a pain to get set up. It took a few hours until we were able to see video from outside our network, but we did get it to work, and it works beautifully. The speaker is clear and works well, but the mic is pretty terrible. We have a small mic that we use with a small video camera that we plugged into the jack, and it works great. We travel a good bit, and we use this to check on the first floor of the house and to do a head count of the cats while we are gone. If you want something that reasonably priced to keep an eye on your house while you are gone, I couldn’t suggest this camera more….


“I have 5 of these now. I tried a newer model FI9831W but returned it and purchased another FI8910W. The newer model has a better picture but poorer 2-way audio and would have required me to upgrade my iPad program to a newer application which supports the newer H.264 standard, which I did not want to do since I have many cameras already being viewed on the Foscam Pro iPad application which I like. Note that I have received/returned a couple of units which were blurry compared to the others (I always do side by side and see large picture clarity differences among units). I just learned that you can manually adjust the focus by turning the lens. Try this before returning it if your unit is blurry….(read more here: Foscam F1890W Ip baby monitor review on Amazon)”



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  • Watch on your Iphone, tablet or pc
  • Night vision up to 24 ft
  • Built in speaker and mic
  • Pan % Tilt remote controlled
  • Connected to Wi-Fi

Foscam F1890W – My Opinion

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You connect this camera to your wi-fi device and through that connection you can watch and operate it on your Iphone, Tablet or Computer.
Although it is not really an outdoor camera, it can be used as long as you keep it out of the rain and don’t let it get wet.
For the price you pay you get a pretty decent product, but do not expect high definition pictures.
What we read is that is not easy to setup without a little knowledge on how to set up a device to your Wi-Fi, but with so many people using these devices there must be someone who can help you.
In case you need help there is a help desk available that gives in most of the cases good help to install the camera.
In some more complicated situations they needed to call in the help of a more experienced technician.
There is a newer model available, but there are people who send it back after purchasing it because they mentioned that the older model performed better, but we could not find any proof of that.
With about 80% 5 and 4 star ratings from over 5000 customers this Foscam baby monitor received some good ratings.
The biggest problem we found was that is was hard to install it on the wi-fi.
The firmware is developed for Microsoft so this baby monitors two way will only work with internet explorer and no programs like fire-fox, Chrome or Safari according to one review I read.
You can set it to send you and email alert in case of motion in the area it is setup. Great for burglary monitoring


Tips from real users

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  • Try adjusting the lens manually by turning it. This is not clearly stated in the manual.
  • The power adapter has a 100-240 volt rating and thus can be used all over the world.
  • Comes with an easy to use wall mount bracket
  • Camera can be installed up side down and has the option to rotate the view so you can see it right.

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