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Glass Pitcher With Ice Chamber

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Recently our glass pitcher with ice chamber broke so time to have a look at a new one.

I like this type of pitcher because it keeps your drink nice and cold for a longer time is seems.

It also does not water down your drink and make the last drink from it more taste like ice water, than the drink you originally had made.

Some of them look real nice and other ones are just very easy to use and effective.

Glass Pitcher With Ice Container


The first one I had a look at was the Bormioli.

This jug can of course be used for all kind of beverages.

The size id 87 and 1/4 ounce.

Made from lead free glass and BPA free plastic for the lid.

This makes it dishwasher safe and totally nontoxic.

This pitcher is available single or in a set of two.
It makes a great gift.


Our Rating: 4.2


Circleware Glass Dispenser With Ice Insert

Circleware Glass Pitcher

A little lower rated with 4 stars is this Glass carafe pitcher from Circleware.

Although this is the most sold pitcher with ice chamber on Amazon The style is not that great.

I guess this is a more day by day pitcher and this of course does not make it less usable.

Just like all the other water carafes it can be used for all type of drinks.

I like the way the spout is made this prevents a lot spilling I think.

The lid firs very snug and keeps the drinks nice and cool.

Made of Lead free glass and PPA free PVC for the lid

Our Rating: 4.0

Vebo Glass Pitcher With Ice Core

Vebo Pitcher and Ice chamber glass

Our Rating: 4.2

The VeBo Pitcher with ice insert is a little different and that is the reason I included it here.

It comes with the ice chamber and an infusion insert.

The ice insert will keep the ice in there without letting it slowly melt in the drink you try to keep cool.

The opening in the fruit insert will let the ice slowly melt in your drink.
For some people this is a con and for others a pro. I leave that up to you to decide.

This means however that you can also use it as a infusion pitcher and add fruit to it and have the flavors of your favorite fruit in your drink.

Our Rating: 4.3

my opinion

I personally like all three of them and they all have a great quality.
Just as a reminder is that we never look at products that we rate lower than 4 stars.

I personally like the look of the first one, the Bormioli. But that is just personal.

For the people who like a more versatile use I recommend the Vebo Pitcher that also comes with the fruit infusion insert.

This is my choice of the 3 best glass pitchers with ice insert but there are more to choose from.

Eddie Aiken

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