Fireproof Mat For Under Grill

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Having a nice grill can set you back a nice chunk of money and this also goes for your deck or patio.
Placing a grill mat under your grill will protect your expensive deck from being stained or damaged from grease and other things you can spill while grilling.
fireproof mats for under the grill
We had a look at three of the best sold fireproof grill mats that are not just for patios but also for wooden and composite decks.

GrillTex Deck and Patio Mat for under your grill

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The GrillTex company is one of the only ones that offer these protective mats for under your grill in several sizes.
From a 27″ round to a 39 x 72-inch rectangle will help you find one for your size grill.
Made of synthetic rubber it is heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
Cleaning is easy with some water and soup and by using your garden hose.

GrillTex mat for under the grill
GrillTex mat for under the grill


Original Grill Protection Pad

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The original pad for under your grill is available in a rectangle and a round version.
30-inch round and 30 x 43 inches rectangle.
Made in the USA from cement fiber material that is well known for being very fireproof.
This one should also be a fit for your fire pit if you use one on your deck.

The Original Rectangle Grill Pad
The Original Rectangle Grill Pad


Napoleon 68001 commercial grill pad

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The name Napoleon does not need too much introduction I guess.
Just not too much information available about it on Amazon.
Maybe this company thinks its name speaks for itself.
With a thickness of 1/8 of an inch, it is pretty thick.
The measurements are 32 x 47 inches and that is large enough for most grills.
I read that it is mostly made of a PVC composite material that is very fireproof.

Napoleon 68001 Commercial Grill Pad
Napoleon 68001 Commercial Grill Pad

I hope that our research to find a high-quality and fireproof mat to help you protect your deck or patio from staining helped you.
If you have another one that you recommend let us know in the comments below.

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