Hanging Bird Bath

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hanging bird bath and water feeder reviews
A hanging bird bath is a very nice addition to your garden and almost a must-have for people who like to attract birds to their garden.

We had several bird feeders in our yard and although we saw a lot of birds come and eat from them, after adding a small hanging bird water feeder to the area the number increased drastically.

It is a nice view from our kitchen window to see them take their bath and splash in the water.

This made me realize that more people are maybe looking for a bird bath and decided to write some reviews of them.

We opted for a large hanging bird feeder since we have a pretty large yard, but many of the brands and models we recommend here come in several sizes to choose from.

Hanging Bird Bath Evergreen Tiffany Inspired 13.5 Inch

Hanging Bird Bath Evergreen Tiffany Inspired

I have seen this bird bath and found over 150 people who bought it and took the time to let us know what they thought about it.

Overall they gave it a 4.3-star rating.

All you need comes with this 13.5-inch hanging bird bath. The bowl, the chain, and a hook. Many people wrote that it attracts bird very well and they use it all the time

It should hold about a quart of water and because it is shallow it is also easy to use for smaller birds.

This bath is designed with the Tiffany stained glass in mind and it represents it very well. I have to apologize for the bad quality of the picture. I have replaced it several times but it is still a little blurry.

I read that people found it was easy to clean with some warm water and that the finish prevents the forming of rust.

The chain is strong enough to hold the bowl and the hook is very easy to attach to any branch or can be hung on a piece of wire if that is easier for your situation.

The measurements are approximately 13..5 inches in diameter and the total height including the chain and hook is about 22 inches.



Whitehall Products Hanging Bird Bath Dragon fly in Copper Verdi

Hanging Bird Bath Dragon fly in Copper Verdi

The Whitehall company is one we have seen in our Weather vane reviews as a great company with a high standard for quality.

With a 4.7 star rating, I think I proved my case. The over 50 people who took the time to write a review are very pleased with this bath

This dragonfly hanging bird water feeder comes in two versions;

  • Copper Verdi
  • Oil Rub Bronze

    The bowl is 15 inches wide and on the inside, there is 12-inch room for water.
    The depth is about 1.5 inches and this is shallow enough for even the smaller birds.

    The description mentions that this is a Copper Verdi finish what this means is that the material is aluminum with a copper finish and this should be safe to drink from for birds. After all, when I grew up all we had were copper water lines and I did not hurt.

    Gardman Glazed Ceramic Hanging Bird Bath 11 inches

    Gardman Glazed Ceramic Hanging Bird Bath

    Again I have to apologize for the poor picture quality and will try to replace it with a better picture of this popular ceramic bird bath.

    Maybe a little lower-rated with 4 starts but to be honest I could not really find too much reason for that.

    Maybe only that the holes for the chains were a little low and this made the water level also low. Some people mentioned it was because of that not deep enough for birds to take a bath.

    Some older buyers noted that the chain rusted fairly fast and that this was of course not a good thing.

    Most people however are very positive in their ratings and like this bird bath.

    If you do not like to use it as a bath in the colder season it is also very suited for a bird feeder I read.

    The measurement is:
    11 inches in diameter
    21 inches in height

    It comes with a sturdy stainless steel hook and a chain that some mentioned as not too sturdy but that were only a few people.

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