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weather vanes reviewsWeather vanes for barns have been around for a long time. The earliest we could find was in ancient Greek and was on the tower of winds. There have been found bronze weather vanes were made by the Vikings in the 9th century.

The function of the weather vanes was to help the farmers. Determining the wind direction was part of their daily routine and could mean that the weather was good for certain things to do or in case of rain to wait until the wind came from another direction.

At this point in time, we do not need weather vanes anymore. The modern weather and wind forecast on the radio and TV give us all the information we need. The weather vane we use now has a decorative function. Many people use them to measure wind speed and direction or just for decoration,
We will only show wind or weather vanes with a customer review of 4 stars and up since we like to advise on high-quality products only.

TIP! Make sure to find the right size and quality weather vane. A weather vane for a rooftop requires different material and size than one for a lower building like a chicken coop, garden stake, or kitchen roof

Here is a list of the weather vanes we will review for you.

Rooster weather vane

rooster wind vane with roof mountA rooster weather vane is one of the most popular ones and there are tons of them available.
Many people like the antique copper rooster weather vanes that are still for sale.
This type of weathervane comes in a variety of price ranges and we advise you to have a good look at the quality and sizes to decide if this will look good on the place you are thinking of installing it.

For an overview of all the rooster weather vanes with a customer review of 4 stars and higher, you can click on the following link or on the picture.
Click here to see the rooster weather vane page to find yours.

Horse weather vane

weather vane with a horseMany farms have a horse weather vane on the roof of their barns. This is a very common weather vane to use in the countryside.
There are also many horse lovers that would like to express their appreciation for these magnificent animals.
We have selected a range of these wind-vanes into the 4 stars and higher for you to have a look at.
There are many available in a variety of sizes, materials, and prices. Some can come with a roof mount included.

For all our horse weather vanes you can click on the picture or on the link below to find your horse weathervane

Mermaid weather vane

mermaid on a weather vaneMermaid weather vanes are sometimes as if they come from a fairy tale. Mermaids have always been part of the stories that many sailors told and have been used in many movies.
To show that you like mermaids you can add one to your rooftop as a wind vane and some people even say that they bring good luck to a house.
There are many models and sizes to choose from. Make sure it will be the size you need and the quality to withstand the wind you expect.

Click on the picture or on the following link to see a large variety of mermaids on a weather vane.
Here is the link to click on to see our featured products

Whale weather vanes

weather vane with a whaleA whale weather vane is something we most see at the coast and a little more inland maybe.
Although America is not one of the largest whaling nations the whale is a very impressive fish.
The whale is very popular and with its size, it spikes our imagination.
We have looked at a variety of weather vanes with whales on them and here are the ones we think are the best.

As always we only looked at 4 stars and higher to provide you with the highest rated products.
You can click on the link here to see our 4 star and higher whale weather vanes.

Witch weather vanes

Witch wind vane for roof topAlthough we have no idea about the history of the flying witch on a weather vane and also have no clue why people used them, they are still very popular and can be seen a lot on older houses and in towns around the world.
The variety is large and ranges from a flying witch to just a broom on the wind vane.

You can see a large variety of these witch weather vanes by clicking on the picture on the left or on the link below.
Click here for all high-rated witch weather vanes we found.

Dragon weather vanes

Weather vane with a dragonDragons have always been surrounded by mysteries and fairy tales. We all have read and seen movies about dragons that can fly and or spitfire while doing that.
The famous Komodo dragons that still live on an island spikes our fantasy even more.

Although I have never seen one myself I have seen pictures of houses with a dragon on a weather vane on their roof.

Have a good look at all the ones we consider high quality and get our recommendation by clicking on the picture or on the following link

Find a large variety of dragon weather vanes by clicking here on this link.

Pig weather vanes

flying pig weather vaneThe old saying is about if a pig could fly and they can.
I mean to say that they can fly on a weather vane of course.
This is also one of the weather or wind vanes you can find on farms and of course most of the time on a pig farm.
This weather vane can also look very nice on any other house or barn.
Show you love for a food pork chop or piece of bacon with one of these weather vanes.

Read all about it and see our pick on the best pig weather vanes by clicking on the picture on the left.

You can also click on the following link. flying pig garden weather vane.

Eagle weather vanes

American eagle on a weather vaneWhat good would this page about weather vanes be if we did not included our all American and highly appreciated eagle.
This is a weather vane that is used all over the county and far beyond.
The American eagle had played a large role throughout our history and is still a very popular item and can be found in many forms and shapes.

Click on the image on the left to see what we think are the best ones and remember that we only recommend 4 stars or higher.

Or you can just click on the link here: American eagle weather vane.

Cat weather vanes

cat weather vane on a roofThere are many cat lovers and although someone mentioned that this cat weather vane also has to do with witches I can not confirm that.
I have seen these weather vanes in many parts of the country and as well near the ocean as well as far away from water.
This is in my opinion a weather vane that can be used all over the county.
I was surprised by the prices compared to some of the other weather vanes we looked at on this page.
Like always you can click on the image to see the wind vanes we picked for you.

You can also click on this link and that will take you to Amazon where we have found the best prices.
Click here to see all cat weather vanes.

Sailboat weather vanes

Wether vane with large sailboatAnother weather vane that is related to water like a lake or the ocean is the sailboat on a weather vane of course.
These are also more seen in an area where there is water. I like these a lot because they catch a lot of wind and this makes them in my opinion very accurate.

We have found a huge variety and models to choose from and like we always do only show the better and higher quality on the website.
Click on the picture or on the link below to find them.

Find all sailboat weather vanes by clicking this link.

Fish weather vanes

bass fish weather vaneLooks like we have to go back to the coastal area or more near a lake to find most of the Fish weather vanes.
With all the people who love to fish in America, it surprised me that I did not see a lot more of these nice roof ornaments.
The ones I have seen look very nice and show the love for fish or fishing by the owner.
This is for some reason a weather vane you see more on house roof than on a barn or shed.

Find all the ones we like and had 4 stars or more by clicking on the picture.

You can also find the same products by clicking on this link.

Golden retriever weather vanes

weathr vane with golden retrieverOne of the most popular or maybe even the most popular dog race is the golden retriever and you will be amazed on how many products there are that are related to golden retriever dogs.
This is the reason we added the golden retriever weather vane to this page.
There are so many people who love these dogs that I was surprised by the low amount of reviews and thus buyers taking in consideration how popular these dogs are. Maybe they do not like weather vanes. (joke0
We have still added them because they are beautiful and might show your love for these dogs even more.
Click on the picture and or link below to see the selection we found.

Find our golden retriever weather vanes here.

Roof-mount and Eve-mount

You can imagine how important it is to install your weather vane the right way.
I have read on a forum that someone bought a $400 weather vane and lost it the first stormy day because of using a cheap roof mount.
One of the best ones we found is from a company that also sells their own made weather vanes and this means in my opinion that they know what they are talking about. 83 customer reviews and a 4.5 rating, plus the number one seller tells it all I think.
roof  mount for weather vane

As you can see in the picture this roof mount is very adjustable and in this way fits every angle of a roof.
Click here to see the price on Amazon.
Here is a video on how to use and install this roof mount

An eve mount for a weather vane is also very good to use if you do not want to put screws in your roof.
This is one of the better ones we found and got a lot of good reviews and a 4-star rating
weather vane eve mount

Make sure to install your weather vane the right way and as secure as possible. This will ensure that it will work for you for a long time without any maintenance.

We also have a video on how a weathervane is made.

it does not matter if you are looking for weather vanes for barns or weather vanes for sheds. You just have to find the right size. Large weather vanes will look to big on a small chicken coop, but good on a barn. Some people prefer an antique weather vane but they are not easy to find.

Questions and Answers about weather vanes

There are a lot of questions about how to use or install a weather vane and we try to answer a few of the most asked ones here.

How do you read a weather vane

The first thing you have to do is find the north with a compass. After that make sure that the N of your direction rods is pointed to the north.
Now your weather van will show you what the wind direction is.

Do you have to ground a weather vane

A weather van typically does not attract lightning. It even does less than an outdoor TV antenna. So basically you do not have to do anything. If you like you can make it part of the lighting protection system, but this is not a simple thing to do.

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