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Kitchen Torch Reviews

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kitchen torch reviews
In our kitchen torch reviews you can find the best blowtorch for cooking. These very affordable culinary torches that are used by many amateur cooks and professional chefs can help you turn some ordinary looking dishes into one of the ones you see in the classy restaurants.

Top 5 kitchen torches with the highest customer ratings

These food torch reviews are in random order and it does not mean that the firs one is our favorite brulee torch. Read all the pros and cons in these kitchen torch reviews and than pick the one that fits your style of cooking and baking.

Spicy Dew Creme brulee blow torch

creme brulee torch

This Creme brulee blow torch is fully adjustable and refillable.

The child safety lock and the adjustable flame in combination with the affordable price makes this to the perfect gift for any amateur on professional cook.

We found over 150 people who wrote that this blow torch is a great buy and they gave it an average of 4.5 stars. One thing is that you have to purchase the fuel separate because it comes not with it.

Click on the picture or here to find the price.

Ingeniosity Chef torch

butane food torch for cooking With a 4.7 star rating from over 100 people who bought this Chef torch there is not much wrong with it.

What most people like is that it works in any position and that it is easy to fill with the butane gas from many brands.

From all the buyers there was a whooping 93% that gave it the 4.7 star rating and that is pretty good number. There are always a few people who have a complaint. But overall this is a good torch to use in your kitchen. The kids safety lock works good and they are not able to ignite it. The base is sturdy when you set it down on the counter top.

You can find the price by clicking on the picture or by clicking here.

Xpert flame culinary torch

butane blow torchAlthough rated a little lower with 4.5 stars I have to tell you that this number came from over 430 people who took the time to write about their experience after buying this cooking blow torch.

It is has a lot of similarities with the one we looked at above and comes with the same child lock to prevent accidents. The grip is mentioned as very ergonomic by many people who use it a lot.

86% 4 and 5 star ratings show that this is a good buy. Some users mentioned that it is hard to fill and the butane gas leaks out of the hole where you have to put the nozzle in. Most people did not have any problems however.

You can find the price by clicking on the picture or on this link.

JB chef micro butane torch

JB Chef Culinary Micro Butane TorchThis chef culinary torch is the best seller online and got 4.4 stars from almost 900 people who bought this kitchen torch to improve their cooking. Reason enough to put in our kitchen torch reviews.

There are or should I say were a few issues with the unit not shutting of after use but it seems to me after reading a lot of the reviews that this was a while ago.

The number of 4 and 5 stars is a little lower with 87% but those people are extremely happy with the performance of this butane JB kitchen torch.

If this is the one for you is something you have to look into by reading some of the customer reviews since they are a little mixed in their opinion.

You can see the price by clicking here or on the picture.

Bonjour Chef creme brulee torch

Bonjour kitchen torch reviewThe bonjour kitchen torch review we did gave a lot of information about this bonjour cooking torch and although some people were not impressed we seen an average of 4.1 stars and that is lower than the other torches we looked at.

Reason for us to look at why the lower ratings. There were a number of people complaining that is was hard to fill and started leaking after a while.

There are still 78% of the buyers that gave it a 4 and 5 star rating and this is not too bad at all.

On average I would say this is a nice torch for average use and it might last for ever that way.

You can see the price here and when you click on the picture.

Creme brulee torch butane refill

creme brulee torch fuel
When buying a blow torch for the kitchen it will be shipped empty. That means that you have to get a cooks blow torch gas refill.

The Zippo you see here might also be available in the better stores but I have never been able to find one.

My recommendation is to order one with the purchase of your kitchen blow torch.

Our opinion after doing the kitchen torch reviews

In general we found that after doing what we think it the best kitchen torch reviews that the food torches hes we reviewed here are very affordable and sometimes you get what you pay for. For using these at home or even in a restaurant once in a while they are great. If you however are planning on using them every day I would try to find where the chefs buy there professional culinary torch and see what the price difference is. This means if you ask us where to buy a kitchen torch it depends on where and how you will use it.

If you like cooking you can have a look at all the kitchen products we reviewed for you by clicking on that link.

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