Under The Grill Fireproof Mats

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under the grill fireproof mats

When you have your grill on your deck it can cause some nasty burn marks on your deck or patio. This can be caused by fat dripping or maybe charcoal falling off the grill.

A under the grill fireproof grill mat for your deck can be the solution to this problem.

I does not make a difference if you use a wooden deck or a composite deck. Composite decks might not be known to catch fire and are also easier to clean, but preventing is better than cleaning afterwards. I also like to mention that they also work for under an outdoor flat top grill.

My top 3 under a grill protector mats

I have found 3 brands that I think are worth the money and having a good look at.

My decision is based on the customer ratings and also on things like how easy these mats are to install and clean.

GrilTex Protective Mat For under grill

GrillTex under grill mat

I guess this is one of the most known brands if you look for a mat for under your gas or charcoal grill.

It is also one of the only ones that come in several sizes.

These sizes are:

  • 27 inch round
  • 36 x 50 inches recangle
  • 36 x 56 inches rectangle
  • 36 x 63 inches rectangle
  • 39 x 72 inches rectangle

in addition to the other features it is als mention that is made of recycled rubber and will protect the floor not just from scratching, but aslo all things tha can cause stains like sauce, grease, oil. the heat resistance is guaranteed up to 500 degrees.

My personal best thing is that it has a little thicker edge and I think this will help keeping the spills contained to the mat and not leaking on the deck or patio.

The Original under the Grill Pad

The original grill pad under grill deck protection

The Original grill pad is available in two sizes.

  • 30 inch round
  • 49 X 33 Inch rectangle

The material it is made from is fiber cement and this is well known to be use for products that have to be fireproof.

I was surprised that it still was very flexible. I though it would ve very stiff to handle.

The weight will keep it anchored to the deck even with a strong wind.

Bad thing is that the only color available is brown, that makes it hard to match the colors on your deck

Made in the USA I read on the manufacturer website, for many people that is a plus
It was mentioned that is great for a composite deck.

Napoleon Commercial Grill Pad for Deck or Patio

Napoleon Commercial grill mat

I guess that the name and brand Napoleon does not need to much introduction and you can find my grill reviews in the menu.

The Napoleon 68001 have the following features and is only available in one size:

  • 32 x 47 x 0.1 inches
  • 11.25 lbs

Again there were user that talked about how well it worked fine on a composite deck. That means in my opinion that it of course also works great on a wooden deck.

According to the manufacturer this Napoleon product is made out of PVC composite. I have been reading up about this and found that basically the same type of material most composite decks are made of.

I have to mention that it is not specifically tested on composite decking.

This size of 32 x 47 and this is nice for an average size for many brand grills and even for may pellet grills that are becoming very popular.

What I think about fireproof grill pads on your deck

Both type decks, wood or composite are come with a hefty price tag. Most people spend a lot of money on their deck, wooden of composite, and then place am expensive grill on it. For me it makes sense to protect it from the heat of the grill and spilling, and splatters.

The prices of the fireproof grill mats I reviewed here are affordable enough I think and compared to the price of a new deck even not be compared.

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